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Hello i am a permanent resident of Canada and now eligible

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Hello i am a permanent resident of Canada and now eligible for citizenship. I was filling up the citizenship application when i realized that my PR card contains an error. The error is essentially the PR since date. On my PR the month is shown as April, whereas it is actually May.
Do i need to get this corrected before applying for citizenship?

Copperlaw : If it were off by a year or more then there would be more concern, however in this case, the difference is a month
Copperlaw : Since this is on an official government document, it should not affect your citizenship application. You may want to contact them to verify the date is okay as it is just to ease your mind however.
Copperlaw : It may be as simple as using the month of the application, or the month it was approved, prior to the actual issuing of the document
Copperlaw : Which date are you referring to? Is it on the PR card with the pictures and security features?
Copperlaw : Typically, there should just be an expiry at the bottom below your birthdate and other identifying information
Copperlaw : If it is just the expiry, then it is not a concern at all

This date is on the back of the PR with


PR since date and PR expiry date


it is the PR since date that has an error


On the PR card itself


The passport and confirmation of permanent residence reflected the correct date but the PR card is off by 1 month


I checked with a few friends and their PR since date on the PR card is the same as what is stated on the passport(as the date of entry) and on the confirmation of permanent residence IMM 5292

Copperlaw : Why did you give a negative rating when we're still discussing this?
Copperlaw : You only had to await my response
Copperlaw : It is likely a typo at the office or someone read the application date as opposed to the issue date
Copperlaw : Again, as I indicated, you can contact them and mention it to them. They'll either reassure you it's okay, or they'll reprint the card
Copperlaw : Either way, it's their error, not yours, so it will not affect you citizenship application
Copperlaw : I came in here to assist you and engaged you in discussion and asked for clarifying info, however instead of continuing with the discussion, you jumped right away to giving me a bad service rating, which affects me negatively herein.
Copperlaw : This was quite hasty and unwarranted
Copperlaw : I would appreciate it if you would correct this unwarranted rating
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