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Are there laws about publishing business survey results?

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Are there laws about publishing business survey results?

Not specifically. There are laws regarding copyright that could prevent someone that did not pay for the survey from using the results. And there could potentially be an issue about defamation if the survey reported false information about a person or business that is damaging to reputation.

If you can give any more detail on the situation you are concerned about I would be happy to try to give a more detailed answer
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I own a magazine that was recently named in a survey conducted by a competitor - our magazine is named and a photo of our front cover is on the "Results" that were circulated by the publication that conducted the survey.

Not all information was included about the survey in the "Results" but according to the survey, the publication that ran the survey received first place in every category the company claims to have included.

This "Results" print out is now being ciculated among advertising clients and is being used by the publication to sell ad space.

Further to that the company has done an editorial within their publcation that makes claims based on the survey but only sketchy information about the survey has been included.

Can I demand to know:

1. Exactly what questions were asked.

2. What was our magazine called in the survey? (what title?)

3. What ages were the surveyed respondants?



They would have no responsibility to give you any such information. If you were claiming that some if the results bing published are false and defamatory to your publication and sued for damages, then you could demand answers to those questions during discoveries or depositions within the lawsuit.
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