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can you be requied to provide a per-Authorized debit from my

Customer Question

Can  I be required to provide a per-Authorized debit  PAD from my bank account in order to acquire insurance mandated by the province?


In Quebec all people are required to have insurance coverage for perscription drugs.  There are a number of options.


The government plan or RAMQ is for all people and paid on annual income tax but only if persons do not have access to a private drug insurance plan.


The private drug insurance plan can be offered by your employer or if not through your employer through any self-regulating professional body.


The self regulating bodies are required to offer a plan though their insurance "partners" or affinity programmes.


I am a self-employed member of l'Ordre des geologues du Quebec (OGQ) and as such I am required to buy the plan offered by OGQ.  This despite having a negative professional income for 2012 and as it looks now 2013.


OGQ has changed providers to Sun Life of Canada.  The policy offered includes additional insurance I do not want but Sun Life will not offer only a drug insurance coverage.


On the application the only means of payment is a pre-authoriaed debit (PAD) from my bank account. I completed the application form with the attached statement I only make payments by cheque for a submitted invoice.


I recieved a telephone message from a Sun Life representative asking me to call.  This I did on Monday June 24th. 


In speaking with the Sun Life representative he stated


1) a PDA was the only means of payment. 


2) I would be sent a copy of the policy and I would have10 days to review - this arrived but no amount due was enclosed.


3) When pressed the represenative would tell me the amount and I could try to write a cheque but I would not have a specific invoice as to what I was paying for until after the cheque or PAD was recieved


4) If there were any questions I would have a 10 day period to raise these questions after the policy was sent to question payments


As a consumer


1) I do not want the insurance I am forced to get it - that is a political move by the Quebec government to placate insurance companies which I do not think you can address Other than can the government of Quebec require I turn over by banking information and withrawal rights to third parties??


2) I feel I should not have to give a PAD can only one payent method be acceptable


3)Can any organization demand payment without providing the specifics of what is being purchased and at what cost in advance (and not after the fact as is the case)


4) Can Sun Life get a PAD without providing a statement as to the terms of the PAD  - when withdrawls - how much - penalties is NSF in account


4) equally important for me it is a privacy issue


What are my alternatives



The followingis an email from the director of the OGQ which I feel dose not address my concerns.  OGQ replies are in red


Hendrik Veldhuyzen



I have as required applied for a required drug insurance plan as per the Quebec government.

I have done this through BFL Canada with Sun Life.  I have run into the following problems

1)  I am required to purchase more than just a drug insurance plan - again force to buy what I do not want:  this is part of the package that allows the lower rates under plans A or B (A is best deal), the most interesting option for most is to buy the minimal life insurance coverage which is competitively priced and something we generally get.


2) Sun Life will only issue the policy with the pre-approved withdrawal on my account: I am familiar with this detail and will check

3)  Sun Life will provide documentation as to the cost of the policy only after they have my banking information: the cost is given on the documentation provided by the broker and the fees are on OGQ web site. I do not understand…


4) Sun Life will not provide an invoice that I can review and pay by cheque - only pre-approved payments for an undisclosed amount is acceptable. See 2

As I am forced to buy insurance I do not want for being a member of OGQ can you find out the following see 2


a)  is it legal for Sun Life to require access to my banking information to issue a policy

b) Can you get Sun Life or BFL to provide an invoice I can pay.

Sun Life was willing to give me a number over the phone but this would not be an invoice suitable for inclusion on my tax forms. I understand there is some form of documentation provided for tax purposes.

This is a financial burden because last year I had a loss as a professional and this looks to repeat again this year. Please provide more information. Initial admissibility required minimal work.

Hendrik Veldhuyzen P. Geo #777

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Canada Law
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

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please refund my payment

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