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I need a lawyer in Victoria BC for a consult and potential

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I need a lawyer in Victoria BC for a consult and potential action for damages caused by the prescription Avalox. The Doctor likely erred in the use of such an aggressive and contraversial drug for a respitory infection as a first prescription it was a very aggressive action considering Avalox and its record. The drug ?did? cause damages and there have been a series of tests since the prescription. I need a keen lawyer and he needs to do this on a contingency basis. How do I find the right lawyer and firm for this. Damages, lung failure, extreme edema are the obvious ones. I need the right firm. What steps can I take? This is now 3 years since the damage was done, still and likely life long and life altering conswquences.
We cannot actually refer you to specific lawyers, as that violates the site policies.

The best way to find a lawyer is usually by word-of-mouth. But if that is not an option to you, you can contact the BC branch of the Canadian Bar Association. They have a free lawyer referral service. You can find out more information at the website of the Canadian Bar Association, BC branch. You will want lawyers experienced in the area of civil litigation, or medical malpractice.

You could also look at a free website called Lexpert, which lists leading lawyers in Canada by way of geography and practice area.There's a similar free service at Canada Law List, another website that you can find online.

If you want to move forward with this, you should not delay. There are limitations periods, and it may be that you are already outside of a two year limitation period to sue. That is something that you need to get an opinion on from the lawyer directly, after they interview you and have more facts.

Most lawyers will be prepared to give you a free initial consultation: to review the basic facts of your case, and discuss with you whether a contingency agreement would be possible or not. You will want to discuss in detail with any such lawyer exactly what you would be responsible to pay as the litigation proceeds, such as costs for expert medical evidence or opinion, and what charges you will have if you decide to discontinue the lawsuit or switch lawyers.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Fine answer, wish there was more. I see hands are tied unfortunately. I consider the way you answered to have been very valuable even though my needs were not met. Thankyou again.

You are welcome. Good luck.