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DEBRA!! Case #XXXXX; we contacted the Mother about sending the kids here with a few things that we bought for them (there is some footwear that we would like to be kept here now that the custody has changed). She responded to say that the girls' stuff is their own and it doesn't matter who purchased what. She says it's the kids choice on what they bring here and if they want to bring the footwear, that's their choice. If not, they won't bring it. Also, we bought a pair of glasses for one of the children and she is telling us that the child is always wearing glasses and that we already have an extra pair at our home already, so basically, she is not returning them either. Can we say anything about this????

Additionally, she just told us about a doctor's appointment for the one child that is in 2 days and that we are now responsible for taking the child to it. Uggggghhh...

Why are you up so late???

I was actually out of town all day and am exhausted and have to go to bed in a few minutes but I will try and talk for a few minutes first.

Yes you can say something about this.

You can tell her that you want the items you paid for to be for the children at your house. They are going to be at your house more and this house, which is their home, must be filled with their things.

As they are minors they don't own the things and cannot make decisions about them. You can tell her that you hope you don't need to get the Court to help with this but given that it's been made clear that things are changing in a big way you will not hesitate to go to Court if necessary to make sure all of this is ironed out now so that going forward it's not going to be a problem.

And why not ask the kids to bring the items you paid for back to their home with you so that they can have them when they want them?

Re the doctor's appointments, if they are on your time then she cannot schedule them, you will have to. But if this was schedule before hand I guess there is nothing you can do this time.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks very much, we'll see what she responds with (if anything). I don't know why I'm still up, but hoping to get some sleep soon. Hopefully you do as well, I really appreciate that you were able to respond and help us out :)

Talk soon!