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Just recieved a phone bill from bell canada It has charges

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Just recieved a phone bill from bell canada
It has charges on it for 10 dIr. Assistance calls 3.99 each to 10 different numbers in the US. None of which are familiar too me.
Bell does the collecting for Triton Global Dir-Asist??
I have not made any of these calls !!!

Copperlaw : Triton is a scam phone company that operates out of Calgary Alberta. They buy up toll free numbers, often similar to real corporate numbers (such as 1-800 as opposed to 1-888) and then leave a recording there directing you to call their new number, which generally carries a charge between $2 and $7.
Copperlaw : They really offer no service, merely trick people into paying their fees, which are often not disputed over a single $4 charge. Your case is different
Copperlaw : Fastrack Global is another similar company but is a shell company name for Triton Global Communications. Triton is apparently run by a guy named Guy Fietz in Calgary, Alberta. You can reach him at(NNN) NNN-NNNN go to the directory, dial 343 to reach him.
Copperlaw : If you Google Triton or Fastrack, you'll see many complaints and articles about them
Copperlaw : You should contact a supervisor and also speak with Bell's fraud department. You may also wish to contact the CRTC with regard to the operations of Triton.
Copperlaw : given the manner in which this company operates, these charges should not stand

Thanks for the advice I might be back depending on what Triton


reply is and what Bell Canada has to say

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have contacted a Bell Supervisor who returned the charges back to Triton. I have also filed a complained about Triton with the CRTC.

Thanks Again

Leo Crausen

Hi Leo

I am so pleased to hear that this worked out well for you!
It's a shame that people want to take advantage of people in this manner,