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Debra, Lawyer
Category: Canada Law
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Hi my name is xxxxxxxx

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Hi my name is xxxxxxxx XXXXXXXX I've been Married to a Canadian for almost 6 years. I actually live here in Canada since Oct. 5 2008 we got married during my immigration process. Over the years our relationship changed and I've tried to talk to my wife what was wrong but it was always ohh i'm fine ohh no just tired or her muscles hurt etc.. or the excuse oh i'm 10 years older you know.. there were arguments over the years but which marriage doesn't. she usually got defensive and shut me out which I was the one tried to talk things over. I paid for the whole immigration and send my wife money for rent and stuff from my home country to help her out. My goal at that time was quit my good job in the Netherlands sell some stuff take a bit with me and start a life with my wife..which would be a better life for her no more struggling with bills. I found a job here had to start as a helper in sheetmetal but climbed up fast and build up and maintain a nice bank account with my wife. she quit her job where she was currently working and I manage to get her a job where I work in the office. things looked even better but spend a lot of money together because it was nice for her how it feels to buy some fun stuff. I basically supported my wife and her daughter who was a teenager already. At work there's a female co worker who I got along with right away and introduced her to my wife and became a house friend. our friend is having a hard time in her private life and we loved helping her out and she hung out with us many times. my wife quit her job cause she couldn't handle it..too bad but I said I rather see you healthy than all stressed and sick. she started part time again later on though at the same company. I noticed my wife changing and ask her many times is it because of our friend? I talk to much about her or?? she said oh no just me i'm just tired and don't feel well. everybody started to say you should see a doctor because she was getting more sick every time. our friend ask her also many times are you okay? we kept having fun redid our friend backyard being the goofballs hanging around.. untill my wife didn't feel like going anymore and rather be in bed early than party. she said but you should go have fun. I was getting worried and talked about it with our friend every time ..because that was the person I could talk too I was getting scared if I would feel more for her..but noooo she's like my sister. my wife seem to change more and more and I kept asking whats wrong? and kept bugging her to see a doctor.. My tolerance level is super high but building up faster and faster I came home frustrated said I really have to talk..which her answer was make it quick I have to go where I was very cruel saying my love for her died I can't take it any more and said evil things I would normally never do.. that was the end and last week sunday. it where my thought and frustration all coming out and I told her looking in the future I can't see us together. she left the next day and kept sending messages over facebook where she also announced it to the world about the break up. in the messages the truth came out I had more attention for our friend than for her and the list goes on and on where she is now at the point saying i'm a liar a bullshitter and she can get me kicked out of the country like that and loose my status because I lied during my interview in Berlin ... soo is that possible? can I loose my new build up life, new friends, great job because of love that faded?

Thank you for the question. I just want to clarify what it is.

Are you asking about whether your (ex)wife can do anything to get your immigration status revoked? What is your status?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank you for your help ..yes I have a PR card


OK. Firstly, I want you to edit you question to remove your name and any other identifying details. Your question could be searchable on the internet. Please reply to me when you've done that.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ohh do I have to go out of this chat to do that?

Is there not an "edit" button on the window where you see the question you typed? If not, let me know.

I just don't want there to be any risk of anyone searching your name to come across this.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no only share button

OK. I'm going to ask the site to seal off this thread and refund your deposit. Then, start a new question from your account.

Your question is an immigration question, so please focus on the facts of the question. The details about why your partner has threatened you are not relevant to your question about immigration, so you don't need to type out everything again.

Give it a few minutes, maybe an hour, and then post the question again please.

No need to reply to this, as I'm going to have this thread sealed.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

my wife/sponsor left me i'm a permanent resident for 4 and a half years.. she said she can get me kicked out of the country in a heartbeat for lying at the interview saying that I never loved her which is not true. is my status really in danger?

Probably not, but I'm not well versed in immigration law. I'll ask another expert here to pick up your question, and remind her to have this thread sealed when it has concluded.
I am another Canada law expert.

Your former expert just messaged me and asked me to take over this question because while it appeared that it was a family law question it turns out it is more of an immigration question.

Can you confirm that you are asking about whether or not you can lose your permanent residency status because your spouse is saying that you lied when you were interviewed and that you said you love her but you don't?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I did love her and went through the whole immigration ti be with her... I was the one supporting her the whole time.. our relationship recently came to an end and now she angry and said she can get me loose my status because she thinks I never loved her.. its a I say yes and she says no situation.. I had no other reasons to immigrate.. I wonder if she goes that far is my status at risk? do/or can I secure my status?

Thank you for clarifying the issue.

She is very angry and is threatening you. However, she has absolutely no power here.

You have been a permanent resident for some time and you were married to her for some time so there is no possibility that she can convince anyone at Canada immigration that this was a marriage of convenience where you married her to immigrate when you were married for six years.

I suggest you not discusses this with her and simply don't bother worrying about it anymore.

Do let me know if you need any further clarification.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ohh ok thank you.. I was worried about it don't wanna loose my new life.

After all those years being a permanent resident do I actually still need a sponsor at all? Can she say I don't wanna be your sponsor anymore do I have to take any actions? Or things are fine the way it is and I can go soon for my citizenship without my sponsor in the picture.

Her role as your sponsor ended when you received your permanent residency status.

The only lingering role she had was to be financially responsible for you for the first three years after you received your status and entered Canada.

You absolutely do not need her anymore.

And you most assuredly can apply for citizenship.

You will not be asked about your sponsor at all when you apply for citizenship.

To get citizenship you just have to live in Canada the requisite amount of time.

I'm very sorry you have been feeling so worried and I'm glad that you are able to find a place to get your question answered so you can stop worrying.
Debra, Lawyer
Category: Canada Law
Satisfied Customers: 99953
Experience: Lawyer
Debra and other Canada Law Specialists are ready to help you
Thanks very much for the rating.

Please take the time to participate in the customer satisfaction survey as that will go into my record with the site.

And feel free to keep my name in case you need me again down the road. You can always put my name into the subject line the next time you post so that your question will stand out for me and I will answer it just as soon as I can.

Thanks and take good care!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank you so much for your help


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