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hello. I think I wrote before but will let you know again what

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hello. I think I wrote before but will let you know again what has happened. I followed the advice that I received and have found out that a will has not been lodged. I don't know whether or not to try and force my mother's lawyer hand or the executor's hand. All I want is a copy of her will and being the only surviving next of kin - I don't know why these people are so reluctant to give it to me. I really cant afford to hire lawyers and force their hand with civil action. All I can add is that I am disgusted with the attitude of her lawyer and other parties involved - very unprofessional!! I have been asked by the Upper Canada Law Society if I wanted to lodge a complaint about her lawyer and I am seriously considering this prospect. So the botXXXXX XXXXXne is that I find myself between a hard place and a rock with no idea as to how I can resolve this dilemma. Thank you for your interest Yours Stuart XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Why not pay a lawyer to send one letter?

I know you cannot afford to pay the lawyer to sue but one letter will not be expensive and may be all it takes.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I appreciate your answer . However, the lawyer in question told me that it was not his problem and to see the executor. The person involved has ignored my lawyers in Australia and my correspondence and phone messages. I have even asked the Hamilton Police to intervene as I allege elder abuse and misappropriation of funds. However, without proof they cannot act and told me to seek civil action. All I want is a copy of the will and then will decide what path to go down. Why no-one is willing to cooperate has stumped me and of course aroused suspicions that something underhanded is happening. That is why I want to report the lawyer for his unprofessional and uncooperative attitude

So you can see that there is not much I can do at present.

Thanks for your interest



A lawyer in Ontario sending a letter threatening a lawsuit will work in most cases.

The lawyer would write the executor and set out your allegations and demand the Will or else will say he/she will seek an order for it's production.

When you hire a lawyer in Ontario the executor will believe you are going to carry out the threats made by the lawyer to get a Court Order and will then provide a copy.
Debra and other Canada Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thanks for your help I will now have to see about retaining a lawyer in Hamilton.


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