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changing Tourist Visa to student visa with in Canada

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Can i change my tourist visa to student visa without leaving Canada and if its possible please let me know the process.

Status condtional green holder in US with US bachelor's degree and 3 years of experience.Condtional status expiring due to divorce with my wife.

Thank you !

In most cases you have to apply for the permit while you are out of Canada however,sometimes they do allow you to apply from within Canada. You will first need an acceptance from the university.

Here is the link to the government webpage the explains everything. If you follow the various links provided you will gain a full understanding of how this works.

You will see that once you have the permit you can also get a work permit so you can work at the same time if you wish.

Please click accept so that I can receive credit for providing you with this information.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have not found any scenario where they will let u apply within Canada , please list the scenarios if possible.
Here's the link to the page that sets out who can apply from within Canada:

And here's the form you use:
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
being a conditional resident it seems like that transferring it to study permit without leaving Canada being on a US condtional green is not an option. Please verify thank you !
I am not sure what you mean about the US conditional green.

What type of visa for Canada do you actually have and how long is it for?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

i am a US condtional green card holder and would like to visit Canada and surrender my Green Card and apply for study permit without leaving Canada.


Thank you !

Your initial question wasn't clear.

I have no knowledge of US immigration laws and can't comment on the idea of surrendering yours.

If you obtain a Temporary Resident Permit for 6 months then you can apply for the study permit while you are in Canada. Based on your other questions you had previously posted and on your question I had assumed you were in Canada already and had received a Temporary Resident Permit.

Otherwise you will have to apply from outside of Canada.

As you need acceptance at a university you may be out of time for this year as the application deadlines are already likely passed.
Debra and other Canada Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Debra , how can i apply for TRP being a US permanent resident , it seems like US permanent donot require a TRP visa please let me know if i can still qualify for TRP. At this time i can visit Canada without a visa and will be given 6 months of entry.



You don't need one but sometimes people get them anyone. Sometimes they have to such as if they have a criminal record. They are generally for people who are otherwise inadmissible to Canada.

It doesn't hurt to try. They can always turn you down. It's certainly not going to be easy to get and whether you have one or not they aren't going to let you in unless they are convinced you aren't planning to stay so all in all this idea of yours isn't likely going to work.

The better approach is to get the study permit first. If you get accepted into a University it's almost automatic that you will get it so long as you have the funds. It's also very fast to get this processed.

Generally, Canada likes you to apply for almost everything from outside Canada.

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