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I have two sons aged 14 and 16, in my separation agreement I

Customer Question

I have two sons aged 14 and 16, in my separation agreement I have primary care and primary custody but still joint custody. For 13 years the children have lived with me and seen their father every other weekend and on and off a mid week meal with him.
My ex husband always minuses money from the child support cheque for things I cannot afford such as golf memberships for my sons, money for an exercise bike he thinks he should have gotten in the separation, anything he buys my sons etc...
He has never shown me his Canada Rev Tax Notice of Assessment in 13 years, I do not know how much he brings in. He is a teacher at the top of the pay scale but also coaches a pro sport (lacrosse) paid in American funds.
He was ordered in the separation agreement to give me post-dated cheques for the full year in Jan or after showing notice of assessment... and he NEVER has done it. He constantly pays late and takes money off of the support cheque. I want to file my separation agreement with FRO to have his wages deducted but I don't have a lot of the info they are asking for.
And on Sept 1, he refused to pay any child support because he bought my 16 yr old son a car and wants him to go to a private school. I offered to have half of the tuition taken off of the child support but He says since he did the above,, then my son has to live with him...he has pratically kidnapped by 16 yr old. He has told him he has to live with him or he will disenroll him from the private school. My son does not want to live with him but feels trapped and bullied. He is not comfortable speaking up to his father because he is manipulative and a bully. I feel he has kidnapped my son but I have been informed that the police will not help me. HELP!!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Family Law
Expert:  Legal Ease replied 1 year ago.

Hello! My name is***** you for your question. I'm reviewing it now, and will post back again shortly.

Expert:  Legal Ease replied 1 year ago.

Have you been to see a lawyer yet?

Does your son say he wants to come home?

Expert:  Legal Ease replied 1 year ago.

Did you get a chance to read my questions to you? I cannot answer you in a meaningful way until I gather the appropriate information. There is no charge for us going up and back of course.