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Have contacted you before regarding Lindsey and Brandon

Customer Question

Have contacted you before regarding Lindsey and Brandon separation.Lindsey's lawyer drew up a separation agreement, following basically all of Brandon's wishes. Brandon and his parents wanted a few changes made. We sent the changes back to our lawyer. New agreement drawn up, some changes made but not all, stating following legal practice. Brandon reviewed new agreement and still not satisfied. Our lawyer said if there were further negotiations, then Brandon needed to retain a lawyer. Brandon is furious. All proposals are now off the table. He now wants the kids 100% of the time, won't have to pay any child support, wants the house sold, says Lindsey is out of her mind, etc, etc. He has an appointment to see a lawyer on Tuesday . He is still living in the same house with Lindsey and the kids. He is a liar and a bully. Now that he is really upset, it will be worse for them at home. Their mortgage renewal is due on September 1st, and we have the money and paperwork ready to give Brandon the payout, pay of Lindsey's have of the debt and help remortgage the house. If things get worse at the house, could Lindsey and the girls come here without losing any rights to her house, etc. I am afraid of him. He can be nice and polite to my face, but I have seen and heard what he says to Lindsey and the kids.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Family Law
Expert:  ulysses101 replied 1 year ago.

Thanks for requesting me.

I'm in the middle of something, but will be back online tonight with some time and attention.

Who is on title to the property, and who is on the mortgage?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Both Brandon and Lindsey are on the title to the house and the mortgage.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I know you were in the middle of something when I contacted you yesterday. Wondering if you had time to read my note. If Lindsey and the kids leave the house to get away from him, even for just the day, how will this affect things. He doesn't hit Lindsey, but he follows her from room to room, traps her in the corner, and says awful, awful things to her, until she can't stand it anymore and will lash out physically. Last night he did this, and she called him on it. All he ever wants to talk about his the separation agreement and what needs to be changed. Last night he got home from work, and said they needed to talk, all the while have his cell phone on so he could record the conversation. She said she was tired of talking about it, and his lawyer could call her lawyer next week. However, he wouldn't let it go. He followed her around, from room to room, even to the bathroom. He accused her of lying, cheating, etc. She told him she knew what he was doing, trying to make her lose her temper, all the while recording it, so when he goes to his lawyer on Tuesday, he can tell his lawyer that Lindsey is insane. Both daughters came to Lindsey's defence last night, and told Brandon if anyone was a liar it was him. Lindsey and girls came to our house for the evening. I think Brandon is running scared, because everything is coming to a head. He said he would never get a lawyer, but has ended up he had to. Now he is afraid the truth will come out. How can we make sure the truth does come out, that all the facts will come out when he does see him. He is a very good liar. We have all our e-mails and text messages that he sent us in case it was needed to prove how much he pestered us to get things rolling for the separation.