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I am in serious trouble. My ex spouse has been abusive with

Customer Question

I am in serious trouble. My ex spouse has been abusive for years with myself and children. Childrens' Aid got involved a few times and didn't want to close my file; which I insisted it being closed. My ex recently hit my special needs daughter aged 15 and again I called the police. Childrens Aid are currently involved. They came to my home again and I tell them I and my daughter don't want her to see him. Childrens aid responds by saying "oh Louise don't stress over it so much" and the worker says also... as a question..."you aren't going to stop Alex (special needs daughter) from seeing him and the family are you". Someone please tell me what the hell is going on here. They should be telling me to get full custody of her. I am being monkeyed around. They definitely have an agenda and it is dangerous. I have always been there for my child in all regards ***** ***** life and yes I probably don't have a lot of support; but my daughter is very happy and all of her needs have always been met. I applied for legal aid and I am afraid that childrens aid got in contact with them to not let me get it because I want full custody. They have been conspiring against me for years...tapping in my calls, listening in on my cell when I contact a bank to find out my money situation, try to sabatoge me applying for full-time jobs, have the cops follow me, respite agency involved with childrens aid to spy on me when I request respite time, and the list goes on. I havn't been able to work for a number of years because all of this including my ex made me ill (PTSD) for a bit; in which my doctor said it was caused because my thyroid medicine was far too high. Now that my thyroid medicine has been fixed, and I am feeling incredible and my health is excellent with the exception of allergies. This involvement which I thought in the beginning that they would be on my side and they are not at all. I know in my heart now that they have been conspiring against me and trying to build a file against me so that I will lose my precious daughter. What is wrong with these people. I think now that all agencies work together in destroying peoples lives. I need this to stop now and I need power. My lawyer in Newmarket doesn't even help. I think I need someone who is outside of Newmarket; at least that is what I think. Also, if Children's Aid has the power to stop me from getting legal aid to fight this....what do I do. I desperately need someone to talk to and get the right answers as to how I can fight this to make it over.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Family Law
Expert:  Legal Ease replied 1 year ago.

How do you have your own lawyer if you cannot get legal aid funding?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I used this lawyer in the past which my mom uses as well. I applied for Legal aid and its been a long-while and they havn't responded. Someone please help me! I am not working and don't have a clue as to what to do about my situation.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I hope I didn't spend the money for this and not get any kind of help.... Do I get any information etc..?
Expert:  Legal Ease replied 1 year ago.
I am sorry for your difficult situation but I am going to be frank. If you allege to everyone that there is a conspiracy and that people are tapping your phones and reading emails and that the children's aid Society is out to get you and has convinced legal aid not to fund you and that your own lawyer also is against you you are not going to do well with any of these issues.The legal aid office will not provide a legal aid certificate if they think that the person applying is abusing the process.You are going to have to present differently to them.If you don't believe that you can find a lawyer that you can trust in Newmarket you can certainly retain a lawyer in Markham or Thornhill or Vaughan or even in Toronto. So it may be best for you to start over and find a lawyer that you can go to for a consultation first and then ask the llawyer to assist you in a applying for a legal aid certificate. Through the lawyer referral service of the law society you can speak to a lawyer for one half hour for free.So, I suggest you start afresh and see a lawyer for free through the lawyer referral service and find one that takes legal aid certificates. Then have that lawyer assist you in applying for a legal aid certificate.Do not start telling the new lawyer that everyone is out to get you because you are not going to be believed and you are going to be considered to be paranoidDo you see what I mean?