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In relationship with a girl / living together months. - I

Customer Question

in relationship with a girl / living together for 15 months.
- I purchased ALL property on my sole line of credit
- She makes more money than me
- she did not contribute to the household in any extra ordinary way
- we seperated / I moved out (16MAY27)
- I am still on lease of appartment / she has already moved in two new tennants
- There was an original agreement through talking / texting that she would compensate me for the furniture and in turn I would allow her to keep it.
- agreement made for me to get my things 16JUN01
- through changing circumstances girl / roommates will not return any messages / talk to me in anyway to arrange this
- I would like to get all of my personal things regardless
- I am wondering of any legal ramifications that if I do not recieve any of the agreed compensation for the furniture and I move it out / can they refuse me entry even though i am still on lease / ALL of my personal belongings are in the residence except the cloths ive work while working for the entire weekend.
Thank you for the help, it is much appreciated... regards ***** *****
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Family Law
Expert:  Legal Ease replied 1 year ago.

You have every right to enter the home as this is your home as much as it is hers. As well, you most assuredly have a right to remove all of your own belongings.

You do not need her consent to enter the home nor do you need her consent to remove your belongings. If she tries and stops you you do not have to listen to her, but if she becomes aggressive you should call the police for assistance.

If the police will not assist you then you may need to get a court order but you should not need to get one.