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Good day, my husband wants a divorce. I have been the main

Customer Question

Good day, my husband wants a divorce. I have been the main breadwinner since we were married as he couldn't really find a job in marketing (has degree in marketing). He did when we relocated to Canada worked in maintenance just to keep him busy for 2 years. He did quit before we even planned to have a child. I got pregnant 5 months after he quit his job and then he became the stay at home dad. My child is just over 3 years now. He wants to fight for full custody as well as primary caregiver allowance from me because he couldn't work while looking after our child. Our child does go to daycare half days. My job is and can be very demanding but also very flexible hours. I have been the main caregiver to put her to bed, except the nights that i am working probably 3 per month or when i get called oit as i also do on call duty, give her breakfast in the morning and do all her laundry and even dropping her off at daycare. I also have some afternoons off that I will be spending all the time with her as well as off weekends. I do work 2 weekend nights and one day shift per month and is on call for the rest of the time.
My fear is that I will lose my daughter. What is my chances to get custody of my child?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Family Law
Expert:  Legal Ease replied 1 year ago.
Why does your child go to daycare if the father is home?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It really got to much for him and he felt he couldn't get out to do anything. As well our home language isn't English and we only spoke with her in our language. And thought it well to get out and socialize a bit with other kids. She just go half days 4 times per week.
Expert:  Legal Ease replied 1 year ago.
So he isn't even taking full-time care of her when he is home. In fact also isn't really taking care of her once you get home. There is no reason to think he would get sole custody. You are working outside the home but your child is used to day care and so he cannot say it will be in her best interests if he gets sole custody because you work. I suggest you retain the most experienced family lawyer you can afford. He cannot afford an expensive lawyer as he is not working. And I suggest you do this all quickly so that he doesn't decide to take care of her full -time so that he builds his case.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your advice. One question how do I know someone is a good lawyer?
Expert:  Legal Ease replied 1 year ago.
You go by reputation (word of mouth), you check to see if they are listed on, you see if they are a family law specialist with the law society and you meet them and see if they listen to you and seem to care and also seem experienced and calm and don't provide promises or guarantees as there is no such thing as a guarantee in family law.

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