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Been in a realationship years ,we were engaged to be

Customer Question

been in a realationship for six years ,we were engaged to be married in 2017,he cheated and left myself and our three year old child (two at the time) HE HAS SINCE MOVED IN WITH THE GIRL HE CHEATED ON ME WITH. we have been dealing with the matter in court.i have always been primary parent .with allowing him visitations and lots of documentation to prove it .he claims I'm keeping our daughter from him .his work has always taken him away from home for long periods of time and still does. our child enjoys seeing her father she loves him a lot,but she has never been away from me for more than two days so we were doing weekend visits in these times she has wanted to come home earlier .but now as of Thursday in court he says that he wants fifty fifty access although he told the court that he is still working many hours late days from 6am to like 9pm ,but his new girlfriend stays at home and works in a daycare so he wants her to raise her while he works.he was granted ten full days out of each month.saying that our daughter has to bond with the other parent.(its been almost a year now since the separation.) this is the woman that he left us for....(with I hear adultery does not matter)the judge says I have hostility against her since we had issues in the first week I found them I guess my question is....(if the courts have our three year old daughters best intrest at heart and the main issue is to keep a soild realationship with his daughter,,why would they force her to be with this woman (which she has never been alone with)he has always been there on the weekends he had her for visits) she would be bonding with a stranger instead of her father which is the sole purpose of the visit,our daughter also wanted to call me on her visit and he denied her,she said she wanted to call me (we are very close )he said no,and she cant go home either had to stay with them this is completely confusing her,,,she was used to the two days that was perfect to her and felt safe knowing she was able to go home at anytime,,i do not understand why they injected this on to her she is very confused and I don't don't know what to do ?the best intrest for her since of security is shot,,,,as a single parent since separation I have remained stable where as they were,,, living place to place crashing wherever up to a month ago,, I am not from here he was raised here and been in the court system since young adult I'm wondering if it was conflicted of intrest because his father is well known here and connected as well. also his since the separation his family has had two visits that I inicated other than that there has been no calls or visits with them ,not from my lack of trying they took this new girl in to the family and left us behind our daughter barely knows them anymore,,
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Family Law
Expert:  ulysses101 replied 1 year ago.
Hello, thank you for the question.What province are you in?Did you agree to the ten days per month with father?If the court made an order, do you have that order issued and with you there?

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