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Tom B., Barrister & Solicitor
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I dont know what route i need to take to either void my

Customer Question

i dont know what route i need to take to either void my "marriage" or get divorced. My husband is a very abusive man and threatened me and my family for years to get what he wanted or felt nesacerry. My mom was cheif of the military police and told me to file for divorce, he openly says he wont accept (so she suggested i should be elligable for an annulment) and ive had to up and leave everything to get away from him 2 different provinces. the police had issued an emergency protection order almost a year before we "married" and was valid the day we wed. he also forced me to loan a vehicle with him that he would pay for in cash when he was releaaed from jail but is still in his name and money coming fron my account.
he sold everything of mine and ours. I just dont want to be in arms reach of him. I dont know what to do and more importantly to scared to make a move knowingly he's released from jail and always relaliates.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Canada Family Law
Expert:  Legal Ease replied 2 years ago.

You keep putting the term marriage in quotes. Can you confirm that you are legally married?