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I do have another question that i need help with.Arrested at

Customer Question

I do have another question that i need help with.Arrested at 12:30 on June 27.The night that the RCMP question me {around 3am Tuesday 28th} i had not had my medication {effexor,rivotril,lopresor,norvasc,ativan or tylenol#3}for 19 hours.I was in a lot of pain and with out my meds my mind wasn't working working well.I do remember some of the interview but not all.I don't recall admitting to anything but the RCMP say i did.I had asked them repeatly for my meds in the morning but never received them.They did finnaly get ahold of my girlfriend and told her to bring them to the court house and which she did but they still didn't give them to me.I didn't receive my meds until i was released 4pm.{20 hours later}On the 29th i had a doctors appointment.He informed me that i was a diabetic and at the time of my blood work my sugar level was up to 18.When i arrived home my girlfriend checked my sugar level was up to 24.At the time of the RCMP interview i hadn't had my meds and was a diabetic.Can i use this in some way to have that interview removed and not used against me.
Thank you
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Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Criminal Law
Expert:  CriminalLawyerTO replied 1 year ago.

What were you arrested with and what did you say in the interview (in brief summary).

Did they give you your rights to counsel beforehand?

Did they caution you / tell you you didn't need to make any statements?

Did they make any threats or promises?

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