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I was terminated after 20 years of service, with the

Customer Question

hi, my name is Darrell,
i was terminated after 20 years of service, with the ministry of transportation, Ontario. Canada. . the reason was, because i teased a fellow employee and was was fired for harassment, under bill 168. The person i was joking with is male and 21yo. he was going away to Cuba with his mother and said..ihave to find a way to ditch my mother so i can get some native screwing,so i told him i would go and keep his mother occupied.He didn't like that and wrote a letter against me. This is a person that also brings in and shows porn of him and his girlfriend. And talks smut around us as well. I know this isnt the real reason i was fired, let me explain. Five years ago MTO hired a new manager for our work place which as thirty male employees. The person they hired happened to be our union president. To say the least he became the biggest a-hole anyone could ever work for.He and his manager took a work place that everyone loved to show up to, to where no one wants to show up at all. He specifically didnt like me. Here are some of the things i have noted and kept a record of that he had done against me over the years...
1. you will never make captain as long as im boss.
2. you never step up to take the boat as captain, which was totally untrue. I couldn't switch to a different crew because of parenting oblations, due to my divorce. will you cant trust redheads, my ex wife. I told him to never bring my family matters into the work place again
3. during a captains meeting he screamed and yelled cussed and swore, turned red in the face,the whole way though the meeting at everyone.
4. i had broken a bone in my foot and had a air cast put on,he told me i could come to work and do light duties, i agreed but he said i would have to work a 8 hour shift instead of 12 hours and i asked why, because other people that were on light duties before me worked 12 hours and i had no child care because of my divorce agreement. he told me to use vacation to fill in.
5. i had a indecent with a cyclist one the dock one day, someone from out of town tried to get on the boat and i refused him until we got the passengers off. he got mad and we had a yelling match. my manager went as far to review the video and even had the police come and watch it. the cop said all he seen was me defending myself. but they brought me up before a meeting anyways. my union rep asked if there was a complaint the managers said no, than why are we here? because we heard about it in the coffee room. so they were acting on rumors.
there are more, im just trying to show you where this all began
oh i should mention there were 5 employees myself included that filed poisonous work place against this manager plus 5 work related grievances. the district engineer asked us to hold off that her would look after it. it took her 2 years and the only reason she moved him was there were 3 more poisonous work place filled.
my union has filed a grievance, and we have a meeting on the 14 of march. but sense i didn't receive any severance the union thinks they will offer me something at this meeting. my question is this, if i refuse and it goes to stage there in Toronto,which i guess could take up to a year, meaning i would have to seel my house and not see my kids as often. do you think i would have a have chance of winning this case, or should i take their settlement and leave. sorry i was already told told.. They wont fire you....07 March 2016 09:49
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Criminal Law
Expert:  Legal Ease replied 1 year ago.

I have answered this before.

Are you asking for a second opinion?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
That's ok right?
I need to have all the opinions I can get. I have two young kids and a home I don't want to lose..
Expert:  Legal Ease replied 1 year ago.

Yes of course!