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My girlfriend was serving a 400day (house arrest) Well I

Customer Question

my girlfriend was serving a 400day (house arrest) Well I quit my job 8 weeks ago and started to work 3 weeks ago now . In the time period we were broke .So she stole some food 4 different times and was charged . So has been charged with 3 breaches and 4 theft charges ( under $60 each time). She has been in custody for 3 weeks awaiting trial. Well today the judge sentenced her to 200 days in custody and 2oo days under house arrest. .
The thing is that I told her to steal and threaten her if she didn't that I would throw her out and also told her not to go to her scheduled physc classes . Can we fill an appeal
Submitted: 2 years ago via LawDepot.
Category: Canada Criminal Law
Expert:  Legal Ease replied 2 years ago.

Your telling her to steal is not an excuse. It has no relevance to her charge and it is certainly not grounds for appeal. You have to show an error in law to appeal a decision of the court.

I am sorry this is not the answer you were hoping to hear but just answering to make you feel better will only hurt you in the end.