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I like to see what is the legal option to work on this idea!

Customer Question

I like to see what is the legal option to work on this idea!I would like to bring a teacher ( usually for 2 hours tuition kind e.g guitar , violin, maths, song etc) at my home and accept neighbours kids (mostly walkable distance family) to join for small fee to pay back teacher! As I see some parents interest to put through some classes need to take efforts pickup and drop off etc! Initially no plan to profit except cover the fee but looking to make an app so other this can be implement in other neighbourhoods!It's like airbnb for tuition !
Submitted: 3 months ago.
Category: Canada Business Law
Expert:  Legal Ease replied 3 months ago.

Hello! My name is Debra (formerly known as Legal Ease). Thank you for your question. I'm reviewing it now, and will post back again shortly.

Expert:  Legal Ease replied 3 months ago.

That is a great idea!

What legal information are you looking for?

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Thanks Debra, many clarification , but like to start small !
1)does this come under small business , should I need to have incorporated?
2) the idea works such a way portion of price go to whoever renting space and teacher and company ! since its come with rent a space for the tuition is any one can rent (like same as airbnb but for few hours in a week) any complexity3) don't want to think too much negative but getting kids (4years to 10 years) should any other precaution should i considerOr alternatively start with small without any incorporation and after trial can do all if it really works?
Expert:  Legal Ease replied 3 months ago.

I think you start small and wait a short while to see if it is worth incorporating.

Long term incorporating is best in terms of protecting as personal legal liability.

But I do think you need proper insurance in place now.

And I think you have to draft some polices, legal contracts, waivers, policy statement etc and need a lawyer to either vet them or do them.

And you also have to check to make sure you are not going to be in breach of any zoning by-laws.

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
I do have my house insurance for liability! Thinking to give a try with small! What is the zoning law and where to get more info!! I am Mississauga,Ontario, Canada
Expert:  Legal Ease replied 3 months ago.

But call your house insurance to be sure you are covered.

And I don't just mean that you are covered if someone gets physically harmed. You need to be covered if someone sues you. The teacher could sue, the student could sue. You need all that covered as well.

You could call your city hall and ask to speak to someone about zoning.

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
My insurance just bought recently it covers up to 2M ! And some volunteers payment etc! If I call insurance company, should stay about potential business plan in the house
Expert:  Legal Ease replied 3 months ago.

Yes because right now you don't have coverage unless someone is hurt.

So if a student says you provided a poor teacher and sues you are not covered.

If a teacher says a parent assaulted them or defamed them to others you are not covered.

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Is there any form we can get parents signed before sending to class! Like sign up page with some agreements e.g we are just facilitator?
Expert:  Legal Ease replied 3 months ago.

Yes for sure and that is one of the things I wanted you to get a lawyer to draft for you.

Expert:  Legal Ease replied 3 months ago.

Is there anything more I can help you with at this point in time?