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I need some guidance on incorporating my self-prop

Customer Question

I need some guidance on incorporating my self-prop immigration consultancy business. I want to be a numbered company O/A my current business name. I also need some clarification about registering trade names. I plan to create a website specific to an area of practise and have some branding for it. Do I need to register that? Im gonna get a specific domain for that as well. Do I need to register that as well?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Canada Business Law
Expert:  Tom B. replied 1 year ago.


Registering a company is a simple matter. Service Alberta can assist with that.

Registering with the company name as opposed to a number does give some name protection. However, a trade mark is best when dealing in international matters. The Intellectual Property Office is a good place to start....

As you probably know, registering as a company limits liability which is important if you are concerned about getting sued. Your personal assets are not at risk. But such as step does limit tax advantages. If you run as a proprietorship, you can be personally sued but all business expenses are tax deductible to yourself. With a company, all expenses are deductible to the company which may be of no benefit in the early stages when it may not have any profits. So, a person can run their own business as a proprietorship and still protect their name through trade mark. This is a choice best made with the advice of an accountant not a lawyer. If you were running a trucking company that could cause grief, it would be easy to recommend using a company.

If you find the trademark applications confusing, Google trademark AGENTS rather than lawyers. They help get the job done and are less expensive.

You will register your web sites with web providers and that pretty well secures the names on the net as long as you keep them current. The government(s) only care about names, companies and logos.

Let me know if you require any further info.



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