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Category: Calculus and Above
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Experience:  math professor at ncst
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I am looking for assistance for my inferential research and

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I am looking for assistance for my inferential research and statistics project:• Clearly define the problem or issue you are addressing. Provide a brief background of any research you have found that might affect your research hypothesis.• Create a research hypothesis based on the information provided in the scenario. You have been given a data set (Excel document) with two sets of interval data (just the numbers, as you must decide what they represent, such as method A or method B results). This means you are going to test one thing against another, such as which method works best (step 1 of the steps to hypothesis testing). State the null and research hypotheses. Explain whether these hypotheses require a one-tailed test or two-tailed test, and explain your rationale.• Describe the sample you will use. Sample size will be 30 for each group, which are provided in your data set. Explain what type of sampling you selected.

Thank you for using this site, when is the deadline of this homework? (how many days from now?) Please reply asap.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
I have until Wednesday (1/17/18), is this enough time Mr. Glenn?

Is the deadline can be extended?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
How long of an extension are we talking about?

I mean, is the deadline on Wed, absolute?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Wednesday absolute sir!
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Midnight PST the latest

Can you kindly accept the offer below?

GLENN GILONGOS and other Calculus and Above Specialists are ready to help you


I have just posted below my email address. Kindly send these questions to my email, so that I can send the answer files through your email, on your required date and time. Thanks.


I have already sent the answer file through your email. (please check your email)


If you still need help in your future home works (maths, stat, natural sciences, social sciences, English, essays, researches, etc.), you can request me by putting my name at the start of your post/question like "FOR MR. GLENN only" (to avoid being lost and delayed) . Please reply asap, if you have received this answer file.

(bonus is very much appreciated!!!)