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I am having problems answering these questions. I completed

Customer Question

I am having problems answering these questions. I completed the histogram graph and distribution frequency, but I am still a bit confused.
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Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Calculus and Above
Expert:  Mr. Glenn replied 11 months ago.


Thank you for using this site. Can you post the complete questions? (including the data set)Please reply asap.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Complete the following 4 parts and all subpoints in order:1. Given the following research scenario, identify the population, sample, and sampling method:In a large progressive computer company, there has been dissatisfaction with the food service provided to the employees. In response, the company has pilot tested a new vendor who provides three food stations in the eating area with different food at each station, and rotates the type of food every month. In order to determine whether the employee satisfaction has increased, the company randomly chooses 30 people from each shift and gives them a survey to complete about the new food service.2. The following is a sample of family incomes from Westchester County, NY:750,000 10,900 78,000 30,000 375,000
85,000 6,700 485,000 115,000 40,000
29,000 12,000 11,800 1,250,000 19,500
12,000 26,000 14,000 2,600,000 12,000a. Enter the data into your spreadsheet and label the column IN.
b. Order the data in ascending order in the next column and label it ordIN.
c. Construct the default frequency distribution.
d. Construct another frequency distribution picking the class intervals you think are most appropriate. Why did you pick these particular intervals?
e. Construct a graph you think best represents the data. Edit the graph to present it in the best format. Why did you pick this particular graph type?
f. Generate the mean, median, mode, standard deviation, range, minimum, maximum, 30th percentile, rank for $40,000, percentile rank of $40,000, and the trimmean cutting off 10%.
g. Compare the mean, median, mode and trimmean. How can you explain the differences among them? Which one do you think is most appropriate to represent central tendency for this data and why?3. The 1965 MAACL state form was designed to measure three current negative moods of anxiety, depression and hostility. In 1985, the revised scales (MAACL-R) became available. Since both versions have been popular with researchers, a study was done to compare the results obtained from several samples when both scoring systems for the state form were used on the same subjects. The summarization of the data follows:Post-Event State Anxiety in Three Groups ofHospitalized Patients -- MAACL-R Scoring
Post-Event AnxietyGroup
SDHysterectomy patients
2.4Cesarean mothers
2.2Diabetic mothers
2.5Post-Event State Anxiety in Three Groups of Hospitalized Patients -- MAACL Scoring
Post-Event AnxietyGroup
SDHysterectomy patients
4.1Cesarean mothers
3.6Diabetic mothers
Jacobsen, B., Munro, B., & Brooten, D. (1996) Affect in diabetic women during pregnancy and postpartum. Nursing Research, 57-60.a. What do the means tell you, comparing them both within each table and between the tables?
b. What do the standard deviations tell you, comparing them both within each table and between the tables?
c. What general conclusions might you draw based on this data?4. Explain how the population mean, median and mode compare when the populations relative’s frequency curve isa. Symmetrical
b. Skewed with a tail to the left
c. Skewed with a tail to the right
Expert:  Mr. Glenn replied 11 months ago.

When do you need the answers for this? (how many days from now?)

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
tonight by 9pm. How much are you going to charge me?
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
On my credit card.
Expert:  Mr. Glenn replied 11 months ago.

How many hours from now is that? I am from another time zone.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
4 hours from now. Can you help?
Expert:  Mr. Glenn replied 11 months ago.

Yes, can you kindly accept the small offer below?

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
I want to cancel. Thank you.
Expert:  Mr. Glenn replied 11 months ago.