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How does this work? I ask you a question and you provide the

Customer Question

How does this work? I ask you a question and you provide the answer? What are your rates?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Calculus and Above
Expert:  Ryan replied 2 years ago.
Welcome! Thank you for using the site.
Yes, the way that the site works is that you post your question, and YOU determine the price that you wish to pay to receive an answer. Provided that an expert finds your price sufficient for the work involved, you should receive a reply fairly soon. If the price seems too low, you will likely receive a notice that an expert has suggested a different price.
You can post your questions by attaching a file (Word or PDF preferred) using the "paper clip" button on the toolbar (if it is present in your browser). Alternatively, you can upload the file to a website such as or Both of these sites are free and very easy to use. After uploading your file to one of those sites, simply copy the sharing link for your file and then paste that link into your reply here.