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What are the characteristics of a standard normal distribution?

Resolved Question:

What are the characteristics of a standard normal distribution? Can two distributions with the same mean and different standard distributions be considered normal? How might you determine if a distribution is normal from its graphical representation?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Calculus and Above
Expert:  Chirag replied 5 years ago.
Hi, Welcome to Just Answer and Thanks for this request.

I am working on this and will post the answer as soon as finished.

Expert:  Chirag replied 5 years ago.

(A) The perfect standard normal distribution (or simply the standard normal


distribution) is the normal distribution with a mean of zero (m = 0) and a variance of


one (s^2 = 1). As such it shares all the characteristics of a normal distribution such




(i) The distribution is bell shaped


(ii) The normal probability density function is symmetric about its mean value


(iii) The mean, median and mode of the distribution coincide (all are 0)


(iv) The inflection points of the curve occur at one standard deviation away from the




(B) Yes, one can have two normal distributions with the same mean and different


standard deviations. For example, two groups of students may have scored the


same average score on a Math test, but if the students of one group were a mix of


good and poor abilities, and the other group consisted of students who were


consistently good at Math, then the two groups would have different standard


deviations (the first group would have higher standard deviation than the second).


Their scores when plotted would still have a symmetric bell shape (normal




(C) It is very easy to identify a normal distribution from its graph. It has a peak


(corresponding to the mean value), and has a bell shape. The curve is a mirror


image on both sides of the peak, and tapers off on either side.



Kindly ACCEPT my answer so that I get the Credit. BONUS is welcome.




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