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This is my first time,on this website.So don't try to add

Customer Question

This is my first time,on this website.So don't try to add 134a to the system. Disconnect the battery(like i know where it is)lmao.And then reconnect after 30mins. I wish you were around earlier in the last 2 months,Damn,2001 Buick lesabre custom lost compression.after i replace coil packs,full tune up,ignition module,Map/Maf sensors new battery,fuel filter and upper intake manifold/gaskets and the bottom gaskets.and the coolant bypass elbows.Everything was fine until i wanted to repair the leak.Smh!misfires all over now saying no compression in #6.About to junk the car. But anyway,Back to my caddie..Disconnect battery first,and then try to charge the system if it can take anymore?
Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: Cadillac
Expert:  camerontech replied 4 months ago.

yes, battery first.

i wouldnt add any untill you know the pressures though

30 to 40 low and 150 to 250 high.

some of the fill kits only have low pressure gauges. if you notice that its below 30, than there is a good chance hat it is low though

never over 40 psi running for the low

adding too much will cause the exact same symptoms as low freon

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
if the pressure on the low end lower than 40 then add. but dont add if its 40 and if its over than 40,release some of the freon.
now on the high side, if its lower than 150,what to do?add to it and if so,what I"m I adding..And if its higher than 250,i release some.I never had to deal with the low side.which how i fill the system.I'm new to this car mechanic game.Novice!.I would call,but dang!they be trying to hit your pockets.
Expert:  camerontech replied 4 months ago.

the system is designed for a certain amount of freon.
adding a little too mutch can be worse than having not enough

those are operating pressures and will vary with rpm and outside temperature.

if you notice that its low at around 20 and the compressor is cycling fast than its likley low and need a top up.

dont let it past 250 at idle and the cooling fan is on

Expert:  camerontech replied 4 months ago.

here is a youtube video that can help