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Car radio is killing battery over night. Everything works

Customer Question

Car radio is killing battery over night. Everything works fine. But power continues to radio even though car is off. Radio turns off when switch is off . But still has power to radio. Even though door is open and switch is in the off postion. I could still turn on radio . Shouldnt be able to turn radio on when switch is off and door is open
Submitted: 6 months ago.
Category: Cadillac
Expert:  Tool Hut replied 6 months ago.

Hi, My Name is ***** ***** for posting your question to just answer. I am a independent contractor for just answer. ASE Certified Master Auto Technician with 20 years experience. I am confident we can resolve your problem together.Please remember I don't know your skill level. I can't see, smell, hear, or touch the vehicle. It may take a few back and forth replies to get to a satisfactory resolution.There will probably be some equipment needed for a proper diagnosis. If you are not comfortable with this or do not have any test equipment please let me know ASAP. I also give you all of the information you may need in good faith expecting a positive rating. I typically do not recommend phone calls, This is an automated request. DO not accept without me telling you I am requesting it. I am not compensated for my time until you leave a positive rating. Your rating should be based on the service you received.

The Radio is always powered on. The BCM sends it a signal when key is turned on to turn on display. Do you have a scanner with BODY DATA. My suspicion is the BCM is not powering it down.

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
I am not a technician. But am a little competent. I was able to find the draw lol. Don't have a scanner just a code reader. I try my best to fix my own cars but sometimes dont have the proper equipment. Maybe I should invest in one it will probably probably make my life a lot easier lol. Ok is there a way to testnit without a scanner
Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Is there something that powers it down or can it be the whole unit is bad
Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Well i do have a scanner its pretty old. I dont think it has body data though would you know. Its called Launch OBD ET6830 i think its sold by MAC
Expert:  Tool Hut replied 6 months ago.

Here is a link to a scanner that would have the data you need inexpensively. Not professional grade but data that you would need if you are do it yourselfer. This one is GM specific. This is one more specific if you have multiple brands of cars

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
When i look up the specs on the scanner i dont see body data is it under some other name . Thanks. In this i am a little new to. Oh and by the way if i dont have this is there any other way to check or do i have to have scanner thanks
Expert:  Tool Hut replied 6 months ago.

Best way is scanner. Maybe as simple as door not being seen open due to bad latch. Could be bad BCM. Could be bad radio.

Here is another choice I am confident has the body data you need to monitor.

This one is available at harbor freight. Be a good one to use a 25% off coupon if you can find one.