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Vehicle info--2009 Cadillac SRX 3.6 awd 83 k miles setting

Customer Question

Vehicle info--2009 Cadillac SRX 3.6 awd 83 k miles
setting code P0346 cam sensor bank 2 intake
I checked the connections plugs etc all looked clean, so I replaced the sensor, cleared the code. Code reset in about 30 miles driving; cleared code again but it keeps reseting, some time I acn go a few trips, sometime it sets going only a few blocks. The engine seems to be running GREAT, I do not see, feal or hear any differance in preformance. I have looked on line and see that the problem could relate to anything from a battery or starter problem to the cam shaft end play! Battery is new and of the proper capasity, starter not checked but sounds fine; the cam shaft end play condition I saw in a GM bulliten referded to the 3.6 up to 2008, so I'm not sure that applies to my veh. If you think it may be the problem I believe I am qualified to do the checks and I do have a GM service guide. There is one more thing that I think may have a bearing on this problem, when I use my scanner th check and clear the code, when I go into the check for codes screen I get 2 numbers come up in th edisplay, first is ($07EA) and second is ($07E8) (what are these?) no codes are found under the first number $07EA, the codes are found under the second number $07E8. Now heres where it gets weird, the other day I started out on a short trip, MIL ON, in a short time I noticed it was OUT, this never happened before; when I got home I put the scanner on it and heres what I see, when i enter the check code screen I see that the numbers (above) are reversed that is $07E8 is the first nunber listed not the second; I then go into that number and the scanner tells me MIL set, 1 code and the code is the same as always P0346, but the MIL light is NOT on??? I cleared the code and now its back to the original configuration and the code continues to set! Problem with the ECM? Is there a reset or update flash that Caddy needs to do? Your thhoughts please. Is there anything I should look for in the freez frame data in the scanner? note I was a mechanic in the past but have been out of the game for many years but feal qualified to do what you may recomend.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cadillac
Expert:  Jerry Newton replied 1 year ago.

The first thing is, yes, the bulletin that talks about camshaft end play applies to your vehicle. I am attaching the bulletin, which has the check procedure outlined within.

Chain wear has been a persistent issue on these engines, so you may end up needing chain replacement. However, start by checking/repairing cam end play, and checking the wiring to the cam sensor pretty thoroughly. This code is very specific, it's telling us that the camshaft is not aligning with the crankshaft the way the ECM expects it to, so it's either missing pulses due to end play, or the camshaft is out of time due to an issue with the cam phaser. Cam timing issues can be caused by dirty oil, or using incorrect engine oil. Changing the oil and filter and using Mobil 1 is always a good first step before taking the engine apart.

Disregard the funny codes on your scan tool. They don't mean anything in the GM world, they are probably just a software glitch on your tool, as the tool is converting codes and data and, in the software world, those numbers probably have some meaning, but not in the auto repair world.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I guess I'll have to pull the valve cover and check the end play. If it is out will I be able to move the cam gear enough with out the chain holding tool the ser manual shows? I am aware the timming and chain placement are critical, my manual says you can move the gear enough without removing the front cover so ti should not be that big of a job to get to it. the gear has a pin index to the cam so it will have to go back correctely providing the crank or the cam are not moved; or is this a job for the boys at Cadillac? Heat to spend the big $$ if I can do it. Will the parts gus at Caddy know whai I'm looking for or do you have any pn's for me? I do have the correct oil in it now, but I'm the 2nd owner and I don't know what kind of service it had for its first 80k miles?? If bad I guess I should do both sides or is this problem speciffic to the bank 2? As I said I feal it is running fine and I hear NO noise that would indicate the chains are excessivly loose?
Expert:  Jerry Newton replied 1 year ago.

If you don't use the chain retention tool, the chain tensioner will extend, and you won't be able to get the sprocket back onto the camshaft. The tensioner has a ratchet device inside it, once it extends, it will not retract unless you push on a tiny lever, which is impossible to do when the engine is assembled. Part numbers are in the bulletin.

Frankly, if you're not equipped to do this, I would leave it to a professional, because it can turn into a giant project for a DIY. Dealer will do this for probably $1000-1500, and by the time you get it figured out at home, that may seem like short money.