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Wayne Crawford
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Took my 2007 Cadillac CTS to my local dealer's service

Customer Question

Took my 2007 Cadillac CTS to my local dealer's service department for oil change and 70,000 mile maintenance, and also told them I thought the bulb was out on the front right side light (a friend had notified me earlier that my "marker" light on the side of my car was out). They called me later and told me it was not the bulb, instead, it was the front signal lamp that needed to be replaced. They quoted me a cost of $172.50 for labor (because the front bumper would have to be removed to get to it) and $236.30 for the part. I was shocked it would cost so much to replace what I thought was just a bulb, but authorized them to do the work--thinking all along they were replacing the side signal light. After picking up my car and getting back home, I looked closer at the invoice and it stated they replaced the LEFT front turn signal lamp, although they had written on the invoice, "customer states bulb out on RIGHT side front".
Before calling them back about this discrepancy, I returned to my car to check my signal lights on both the left and right sides of my car, and discovered the right side light was still not working. I also began to wonder what part had actually been replaced. I called the service department to report this and also asked them to describe in more detail what part had been replaced and where was that part located on the car. It was during this discussion I realized they had replaced the front right turn signal lamp on the front of the car, under the headlight. Since I had never noticed this light was out, I asked them to check with the technician to confirm if he had gone to the front of my car to visually confirm this light was out before he replaced it, and the technician did confirm this. I also asked them if they would retrieve the replaced part and show it to me when I returned to get the right side marker light repaired.
I'm not going to take my car back to have this light replaced until I hear back from you about this situation. I've done some research this morning on a Cadillac owners forum and found comments indicating it is not necessary to remove the front bumper to replace the front or the side signal lights, because you can get to them by removing the pins from the fender liner behind the wheel well (5-10 minute procedure). Also watched a video of this, with the tech accessing these locations to pull out the assemblies to change the bulbs.
The service department is not going to charge me an additional fee to repair the marker light. However, I'm just not sure that front light under the headlight was ever out to begin with--I never noticed it was out, nor did my son who often drives my car. I did notice my right blinker had started to blink faster than normal (on the dashboard from inside the car, after turning on the right signal light); however, I had not mentioned this until after I got back home and followed up with the service department about the discrepancy on the invoice after I got back home. I also thought the fast blinking indicated a burned out bulb or fuse.
So, what else should I do to determine if the part replaced really needed to be replaced and to determine if I was fairly charged for the part and the repair? Also, could you confirm if
there would be an electronic diagnosis message sent to the driver if the front turn signal lamp was out? Is there anything else I should ask the service depart to explain to me about this repair and/or to document the need for the repair?
I'm a 62 year old widow and my CTS is the first vehicle I have owned all but myself, and have been solely responsible for maintaining it and getting it serviced.
Thanks for any assistance and advice you might be able to provide me!!
Janice Burnett
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cadillac
Expert:  Wayne Crawford replied 1 year ago.

Hello. My name is ***** ***** I will be helping you today.

Your initial question is a bit confusing.

So they replaced the driver side front turn signal bulb at a cost of almost 500 when you complained of a passenger front MARKER light burned out and nothing was done on the right side?

Was the turn signal flashing fast BEFORE you took it in or not till after you picked it up?