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Sound likely that the two events are related, but Last May

Customer Question

sound likely that the two events are related, but
Last May there was a problem with my CTS 2008 door locks. Front doors wouldn't open from inside. Few days later I stranded with my CTS. Engine turned on, was shaking a lot and stopped running after few seconds.
That time the road side assistance resetted the computer and got it running by manually spraying extra fuel. Both problems were gone. Now again my REAR doors wouldn't lock, few days later I stranded. Same symptoms with engine. This time reset didn't solve problem.
According to garage the fuel pump is defect because there's no petrol coming from the pump. Before spending $1500 how can they be 100% sure that it is not e.g. caused by sth else? Especially because it was preceded by an electrical problem with the doors as well. Doesn't sound likely that these could be related, but maybe could be caused by electronic (computer) problem?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Cadillac
Expert:  sprinkles08 replied 1 year ago.

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!

Diagnosing a failed fuel pump is simple. The fuel pump is powered by the fuel pump relay, the relay powered by the fuel pump fuse. The relay is turned on by the engine controller.

If there is no fuel pressure then the pump isn't running. Possible causes would be the pump, relay, a blown fuse, or wiring. If the fuse is good, the relay is being turned on )or the pump doesn't run when the relay is jumped) then the issue has to be the pump or pump wiring.

The next thing that would be done from there is test for power and ground at the pump connector. If ok the the pump can be condemned. As long as the technician took the time to test for power and ground at the fuel pump connector before condemning the pump then there isn't a reason to doubt the diagnosis.

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