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ggrote1, ASE Certified Technician
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My 2001 Eldorado is at a 5 star rated Cadillac shop as i

Customer Question

Good evening, my 2001 Eldorado is at a 5 star rated Cadillac shop as i has abit of shifting difficulty in the sense it seem s to wind out its rpms highrer then i believe it should.However it may do this most days ..then ill drive the car and it will be just fine for aday. Machanics drove it today and it drove without issue. They seem to be as perplexed asi am. I suggested checking the resistance of wires in selenoid plus cheching the modulator . They didn't want to get into that yet .Is it difficult to xheck these on this tran. (,getting itoit so to speak, labor?) They feel they will put on diagnostic and drive again tomorrow. Any thoughts?? Also they told me the engine has the asmall oil leak ,heads? Of corse i realize this is a major repair .It it one of NORTHSTARS Problems. They quoted apx.2700 $to fix. So if tran has issues i need to have all pulled at once.yes? Also are their lower and upper seals on engine? So if i do one then do the other at the same time as not to go through this again later with add tthousands?? Your thoughts are most appropriated . This car has106,000 miles and is aothrer wise extremely well care for condition. I also must keep for financial reasons . Thanks for your time . REGARDS BETH
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Cadillac
Expert:  ggrote1 replied 2 years ago.

Good morning Beth

does the check engine light ever come on when driving this car ?

has the transmission ever had a flush performed to it ?

Expert:  ggrote1 replied 2 years ago.

how are you making out Beth ?