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Chris (aka- Moose)
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Cadillac Deville: 2005 Cadillac Deville 4 Door.There was

Customer Question

2005 Cadillac Deville 4 Door.
There was water coming into the passenger compartment on the drivers side. I first thought that it was coming from the a/c evaporator coil. I blew the drain tube out with air and the issue continued. My parents took the car to a shop and they told them that the windshield was leaking. (Side note: They quoted $700 replace windshield. I called the local person who has replaced them on my other cars and he quoted me less than $200. Interesting note, the shop had called the same contractor to replace the windshield. My 80 year old parents almost were taken for a ride,) The windshield was replaced and the car sat for 4 months in the garage- When they returned in April the leak returned. . It turns out that the water was coming in around the sun roof. The windshield company came back out and fixed that issue at no charge. I am not blaming the windshield contractor on the sun roof as we told them to replace the windshield. The car sat over the winter while my parents were in Florida.
I noticed about a month ago that the map lights did not work when turned on. Last night, my Father noticed that none of the interior lights were working. Today 7/25 I started to dive into the issue.
The interior map light, rear passenger courtesy lights, trunk light, visor light..all of the interior lights are not working. I have checked the fuse panel under the rear seat and fuse #17 is blown and blows when replaced. I have pulled relay #51 and replaced the fuse and it does not blow. Relay #51 is warm when the fuse is blown. I swapped Relay #51 with other same type relays, replaced the fuse and the fuse immediately blows. I removed the front map light unit, with the sun roof controls, and disconnected the wire to the light, and replaced the fuse. It also blew with the wire disconnected. I am trying to determine where the lights are located on the car so I can begin to eliminate them as the cause of the short. I am leaning to some light/connector that might be corroded from the water that was leaking from the sun roof.
Any thoughts on where to begin.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Cadillac
Expert:  Chris (aka- Moose) replied 1 year ago.
Do you need and understand wire diagrams?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I do understand wiring diagrams but that is not what I am looking for. This seems to be a fairly common problem. I am looking for the routing of the wires so I can follow them with a short finder. It seems to be leading me to the doors but knowing where the wires run in the car would make it a lot easier to track down. As I stated in my original question some water was coming in the sunroof and was ending up in the drivers footwell. So far the short finder seems to be leading me to the drivers. Are there any relays/connectors/modules that might be causing the problem and where are they located.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Here is what I have done so far and the results.
Under the back seat there are wires are two plugs that have on the drivers side blue with white stripe wires on the right side and grey/black on the left. There is an identical plug on the passengers side with all blue/white stripe wires. There is a white bar with pins on it that stick into the female part of the plug that appears to jumper all some or all of the wires together. I have the jumper bar out of the one on the drivers side and I can put a fuse in the box and it does not trip. I now have puddle lights on the passenger side rear door and in the glove box. I have a faint light on the passengers courtesy light. If I put the jumper in on the drivers side, the fuse immediately blows.
Is there a control module (DIM?) somewhere that controls all of this and might be faulty and is causing this? I ran my short finder around all of the harnesses that seemed to go to a light and it there was a signal on all of them, which should indicate that the short is somewhere not on any of those lines. The blue/white stripe wires are the ones that go to relay #51. When 51 is out there is no power on the circuit. I still don't have puddle lights on the drivers side front or back, or the map lights above the mirror or in the trunk. I do have a light in the glove box. I have pictures of the plugs and jumpers but I cannot get them to attach.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
RIM not DIM.
Expert:  Chris (aka- Moose) replied 1 year ago.
Look over what the wire diagram looks like below. What your wanting, a routing diagram is not available. So I do not believe I can help, since I have never taken pictures of this wiring system when all is apart and exposed. If this diagram and my help working with this diagram and you would not be helpful then it would be best for me to opt out. You want a excellent 5 star answer & I would like to be rated the same for providing it. Consider I don't know your skill level & I can't see, smell, hear, or touch the vehicle. It may take a few back and forth replies. Try your best to respond with good detail so I can do the same. I normally log in at 3pm and work late. A rating is required. Your rating me, what I type. I am not an employee of this website, nor have control over the fees or the time it took to get a response. If you rate negative or not at all you still paid, but I get nothing. I want you pleased with me and my efforts, so let me know if your experience here has come up short.Thanks Chris
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Chris..
I am a farmer so I work on a lot of equipment, I also have a lot (more than 20) in my collection..ranging from a Jeep CJ7 to Rolls Royce Silver Spirit. The thing that is giving me the headache here is all the electronics that are built in. This Cadillac is my mothers and it's only driven when they are at their summer house a few months a year. I was reading about the RIM and it apparently controls the locks, lights etc. All of the other functions seem to work. I am a similar issue with my RR Silver Spirit last summer where the cooling system put out heat at the floor and cool through defrost and nothing on the fascia vents. That turned out to be a insulation on a wire that cracked and was touching the roof. Instead of trying to find the problem I just ran new wire. Much simpler in that case but the Cadillac is 100x more complicated. Since you are not familiar with how it looks perhaps someone else might have had some experience with this problem.Thanks for your efforts. How do I put it back out for someone else to take a look at.Doug
Expert:  Chris (aka- Moose) replied 1 year ago.
Opting out now.

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