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GMman8085, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Cadillac
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Experience:  30 plus years experience as GM technician, ASE Master Technician and GM Certified
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Cadillac SRX: We have a 2004 Cadillac SRX 3.6. We where having

Customer Question

We have a 2004 Cadillac SRX 3.6. We where having issues with loos of power and vehicle not going over 40mph. According to TSB 05-06-04-032C we needed to replace the throttle body and connector-since it was updated unit. So we did that went off the bulletin and wiring diagram and we are having issues with the throttle body staying open.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Cadillac
Expert:  GMman8085 replied 2 years ago.
Hello my name is ***** ***** the long wait.Let me know if you still need help.If not I will get them to refund your money
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes, we still need help. Do you have an answer for us.
Expert:  GMman8085 replied 2 years ago.
I will try my best to help you.This may take some time to figure out.
Do you have a picture of your wiring?
There are two wires that almost look the same color. Did you cross them?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
we wired the connector excactly how it is pinned at the ECM we also removed the coduit and tape as far back as we could to make sure on the colors and also to make sure they were not stuck together. we tried another throttle body but same codes return p-0121 and P-0221. it had originally codes those and these P-2176 P-0507 P0522. so we check the wiring to the ECM to throttle actuator and they were good so we replaced the ECM (at another facility since we cant program here ) ECM from dealer, now the y lost the pass key and it wont start at all, they tell us that it needs a pass key 3 1600.00.this is a bad situation for all of us ,
Expert:  GMman8085 replied 2 years ago.
What do you mean they lost pass key 3?The programing?Can you post the VIN# ***** the part name and part#.Here is a link of the throttle body schematic.