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Cadillac CTS: what could be the problem with my keyless entry

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what could be the problem with my keyless entry both fobs both dont work .I checked fuses under back seat they look good. is there a modual in trunk 2003 cadillac cts sports package. what other things could be the cause other than simple battery changes..


Hello, and thank you for letting us help you with your automotive question. If both of them stopped working at the same time then it is not the batteries. Either the module that receives the signal has failed or the programming between the FOB's and the receivers is corrupted. Most of the time to fix this you would need to get the system reprogrammed. Try holding the transmitters close the the vehicle and holding down both lock buttons. If the vehicle does not respond then you are looking at going to the dealer and having the module reprogrammed or possibly replaced. Unfortunately due to the programming they do not make this to where you can easily do this yourself.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Where is the module located that may need to be replaced? I am thinking of buying one elsewhere then taking it with me to the dealer to get programmed along with two new keyless pads. Do you exactly where it is located?
The module is located above the top headliner at the rear of the vehicle. You would need to remove part of the headliner to access it.
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