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CTS: GM 3.6s..Caddy..oil consumption..failures

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GM 3.6's in general, and in Caddy CTS specifically, seem to be having a great deal of oil consumption issues as well as early failures. Did any of the changes to the 2012 DI 3.6 address these issues, or is it still a short-lived oil burner?

Jettadan1 :

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There certainly is things that will burn off and give you a odd smell. Cadillac has

battled oil consumption for a while and the new 3.6 hasnt any changes in it to reduce

issues. There are some that do very well. And I believe them to be very well

maintained fluid systems. But I cant promise the 2012 will be better than the 2011. I

would get extended warranty if you do get it.

Thanks Daniel

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
That's basically the answer we got from a service advisor at the dealer--"gm doesn't agree there's a problem, we don't know why some do it, can't tell you if this one will or not". I had hoped for a more technical explanation, or at least some more details as to why it might and what we should watch for, to help with this buying decision. We've got 5/100 powertrain factory warranty, and free oil changes at the dealership (obviously, in-between top-offs on us), so not sure that "some do, get the extended warranty if you buy it" really helps. BotXXXXX XXXXXne, what causes of excessive oil comsumption would not be covered by factory warranty, and is GM's TSB serious when it says "in some cases, 1 qt every 500 miles may be normal". In comparison to that standard, my wife's Nissan 3.0 V6 at 161k miles and my GM 6.0 are both less than 2qts consumed between their routine 5k oil change, so that's my yardstick for comparison.

I understand your frustration. The answer to the causes is a bad valve train design that works against its self fromthe start. There are actually two reasons and one or both may apply sometimes. and the rings dont seat. It is amazing to me still that 1 quart of oil is acceptable for 500 but thats what they do say. And they need to stop building engines if they cant do it any better than that. If you dont want to be disappointed I wouldnt buy one.

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