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JHoop, Cadillac Technician
Category: Cadillac
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Experience:  14 Year Engine Builder,16 years as a Tech HvyLine, Suspension, Electrical, Brakes, 6 Year Shop Owner
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Cadillac CTS I decided to change the timing belt on my 2003

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I decided to change the timing belt on my 2003 cadillic CTS with a 3.2 engine. I thought I had read up on how to replace the timing belt on my caddy but one of the cams must have moved and lost the timing mark on it. Now I know that the cam gears have a notch on them and you must aline the mark with a notch on the timing cover at the 12 oclock mark on each of the cams and the crank at 6 oclock but the cam gears have 2 notches in different locations on the cam gears and I can't find any information on which notch to use so I'm stuck. I know that the gears turn clock wise so which one do you use the first one or the second one.
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Do you have the factory service repair info for that job?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hello JHoop,

My name isXXXXX and to answer your question no I have no factory service repair info just the info I researched on the internet on how to repalce the timing belt and where to place the timing marks for each cam and crank but nothing was said about the 2 marks on each cam gear or which one to use.

Take a good look at the service info. Where the bolt holds the cam gears there are circles that need to be in the correct position. When the circles are in the correct position the notches will be too.

I uploaded the procedure in .pdf format here to justanswer. You can download it by CLICKING HERE. I hope this helps you.

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