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1999 Cadillac: a fuse diagram..fuse block..engine compartment..relay

Customer Question

Where can I find a fuse diagram for 1999 Cadillac Catera?
All fuses in power distribution fuse block and engine compartment relay center have been removed.
I have the fuses but don't know which go where:
(2) 30A (green)
(1) 40A (orange)
(1) 50A (red)
(4) 80A (purple)
I have the Owner's manual that came with the car but it doesn't specify the amperage of the fuses in those locations.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Cadillac
Expert:  Triston replied 6 years ago.

here are the only pictures available. good luck. and please accept my answer so i get credit. thanks T-MAN


(1)Additional Harness
(2)Fuse #40 (30A)
(3)Fuse #52 (30A)
(4)ECM Ground
(5)Connector C110
(6)Coolant Fan Test Connector
(7)ECM Module
(8)ECM Connector C1
(9)A Fuse #42 (40A) B Fuse #49 (50A)
(10)Fan Control Relay (Orange)
(11)Fuel Pump Relay (Violet)
(13)Additional Harness to Battery
(14)Instrument Panel Wiring Harness
(16)I/P Harness
(17)Fuse #43
(18)Engine Controls Power Relay (Violet)
(19)Fan Control Relay (Brown)
(20)Fuse #50 (For Fan Control & W/W Motor Relays)
(21)Fan Control Relay (Gray)
(22)Fan Control Relay (Green)
(23)A/C Compressor Relay (Green)
(24)Windshield Wiper Motor Relay (Yellow)
(25)Auxiliary Water Pump Relay (White)
(26)Fan Control Relay (Blue)
(27)Secondary Air Injection Pump Relay (Brown)





(1)Relay Box
(2)Park Lamp Relay K130
(3)Low Beam Relay K131
(4)Not Used
(5)Not Used
(6)LH Hi Beam Headlamp Relay K73
(7)Turn Signal Lamp Flasher K10
(8)Horn Relay K63
(9)Passenger Seat Heater Relay K56
(10)Driver Seat Heater Relay K55
(11)Power Steering Control Module
(12)Multifunction Relay K134
(13)RH Hi Beam Headlamp Relay K132
(14)Heated Outside Rear View Mirror and Rear Window Defogger Relay K35
(15)Daytime Running Lamps Relay K133
(16)Rear Suspension Leveling Air Compressor Relay K19

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Answer partially covers the 40A and 50A fuses in the Engine Compartment Relay Center. The picture you provided shows item 9 (A and B) pointing to both slots. Am I to presume the location of the 40A and 50A fuses is interchangeable?


I still need info on the remaining fuses for the Power Distribution Fuse Block located in a separate compartment adjacent to the Engine Compartment Relay Center. See scan below from Owner's Manual.graphic

Expert:  Triston replied 6 years ago.
unfortunately those were the only pictures available for that car. thanks