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Randall C
Randall C, ASE Master Tech
Category: Cadillac
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Cadillac Deville DHS My cars valve cover gasket is leaking.

Resolved Question:

My car's valve cover gasket is leaking. I'm going to be selling my car in about a year. I'm I just wasting my money if I fix this? I check my oil every 3 days and add if needed.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Cadillac
Expert:  Randall C replied 6 years ago.

Tracer :

Hello, My name I Randall. I will do my best to assist you with your question.

Tracer :

how much oil is leaking? very little ? Or do you have to add oil often?

Customer: Oh it's been leaking a long time but a few weeks ago I changed my plugs and I thought I could pull the back cover pretty easy so I opened it up and then found out I couldnt change it. Since then I think I'm putting in a quart a week
Tracer :

So you never were able to remove either cover?

Customer: I got the cover off but I couldn't get it out. I think a mount had to be removed it was to tight in the back firewall
Tracer :

let me type up some info. back shortly

Customer: I just put it back together and that was that. I may not have tightened it down well enough. I was thinking of
Customer: Tightening it all down again but I didn't want to crush the seal either. Again I have slot of miles on this car and Im not planning on keeping it for more than a year or so. However I dont want to cause more issues with it either.
Tracer :

Ok, this is a tough question but will send my thoughts. At no time does a leak stay the same. Over time it will get worse. As you may know,, there are round openings down center of valve cover as well that seal of the spark plug holes from oil getting in them. I personally would just snug them down. many times this will solve most if not all the leak. many times the bolts get a little loose. i am concerned if not fixed, leaks continue, oil will eventually get into plug hols then cause running problems etc.. try snugging them down. Book time is around 3,8 hours to change both. gaskets do not cost much per say.replace them? thats the best approach but tightening down should? buy you some time. Also, oil leaking down outside of engine does make a mess, can get into aother items even start burning on exhaust. Snugging down? its a rubber gasket so you can snug a good ways. Normally leaking cover gaskets will not cause any more than i have mentions. worse case, oil in plug holes

Customer: I am already getting oil in plugs. What issues would I be having now because of that?
Tracer :

well, at some point , if? the plug boots degrade, ignition can arc through the oil and short out and cause missing . I have seen this happen

Tracer :

VERY worse case scenario, never seen happen but must mention. IF? they begin to short out from the oil around plugs? you could? damage a circuit in one of the coil cassettes

Tracer :

They are expensive

Customer: Ok I am getting some missing off and on not mush and not often. I guess that may be what is causing it. Yep coil had to be replaced about 2 years ago. I had an old engine that had a good one so I was out nothing replaced it myself but I dont have another one. I have cadilac who will replace both gaskets for 400.00. I guess I should break down and get it fixed? Or maybe snugg it down and see if I slow the leak enough. Thanks for you help. Joanne
Tracer :

$400? right on cue as far as price. snugging? very well may work. we are asked to try this often

Customer: Ok I will do that I can't over tighten it?
Tracer :

yes, it can be over tightened but.. hard to explain as its by feel. Just dont start tightening down so hard that you feel the cover may crack. work in diagonal pattern

Customer: Ok I understand I would think I would be able to tell right away if the leaking gets better. Thank I just click accept now? Unless you have any other advise?
Tracer :

not really :( But.. even after accpet? you can still come back and reopen the post. I am on/off each day and here to help,

Tracer :

Question post remain open as we many times have customer come back needing assist

Tracer :

Hope all goes well and you can save some $ as well. Thanks:)

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