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2005 Cadillac Escalade: airbag light..The local dealership..sensors

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I own a 2005 Cadillac Escalade EXT. The check airbag light is on. The local dealership says the two front impact sensors are defective and want a fortune to replace them! Is it common for both sensors to go bad at the same time? I am mechanical minded, can I replace them?


The front impact sensors do occasionally fail. Not being able to scan the system it is impossible to know if one or both are the issue. They are quite easy to replace and require no setup. They are under the front bumper area (the front shield may have to be removed) and will have a harness with a yellow tag on it. Remove the air bag fuse in the underhood fuse panel first and allow the vehicle to sit a few minutes to drain voltage. DO NOT disconnect these sensors or unbolt them with the air bag system enabled.

If you have the fault codes or have the air bag sdm (sensing and diagnostic module) scanned for fault codes and the code is stored for one or both, these fault codes are usually caused by the sensor(s) itself.




Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Will the "CHECK AIRBAG" light and readout re-set when then sensors are replaced and the fuse is re-installed? After removal is there any way to test the sensor(s) to verify they are defective?

There is no way to test these sensors other than with a scan tool for proper communications to them. Diagnostics for the 6 different front end sensors are to disconnect the sensor and the module and check the wires for continuity and replace the sensor if the wires test ok. Without a scan tool or knowing a fault code I cannot tell you which side is the issue or if it is both (I have seen both out before). The check airbag light should go out and the system re-enable if those sensors are the fault. Please understand I can only go by the information I am receiving and do not have the benefit of a hands on diagnostic. That being said, the front end sensors are not an uncommon failure. If I had a fault code I could be more specific or possibly narrow it down to one side or the other.



DTC B0100 Electronic Front End Sensor 1 Performance
DTC B0101 Discard Electronic Front End Sensor 1
DTC B0102 Incorrect Electronic Front End Sensor 1 Installed
DTC B0103 Electronic Front End Sensor 2 Performance
DTC B0104 Discard Electronic Front End Sensor 2
DTC B0105 Incorrect Electronic Front End Sensor 2 Installed
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Does this help?

"scanned b0101 102 front impact sensor failure"

This is the exact wording on the estimate of repairs sheet.

That would be sensor one which is on the left side of the vehicle behind the bumper area. As mentioned the B0101 is a cut and dry fault code... Replace the sensor. I would replace the one sensor and re-evaluate the system. If the air bag light is off after reinitializing the system and it goes through it 's normal flashing... then you are good to go.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
If I Accept Answer now and have additional questions later do I have to start the process over again?

Not at all. Just reply to this question. I'll be happy to help. :)


Customer: replied 6 years ago.


Thank You,


I believe you'll be just fine but don't hesitate to ask if you need more help. I'll be here.

Happy Sunday!


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