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leaking heater core will Bars stop leak fix this problem. Bad

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leaking heater core will Bars stop leak fix this problem. Bad fumes in car

while it might temporarily stop a small leak in the heater core, it will not stop a large leak. In addition, if you are planning to keep the car for awhile, I wouldnt use it. It can and usually does, clog the radiator, water pump or thermostat, and in worst case, clog up one of the water jackets in the engine block - all of which will add to the repair bill once you decide to have it properly repaired. I have seen too much damage done to cooling systems and the engine from the use of Bars or any other brand of stop leak to every endorse its use.

Best I can tell you is use it at your own peril, understanding ahead of time the damage you will likely do to your cooling system and engine.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Any other suggestions

with a leaking heater core, you have 3 options:

  • replace the heater core
  • bypass the heater core but lose heat for cabin of car
  • use a stop leak product and deal with the additional repairs needed due to its use
Those are your only options. the best would be to replace the heater core.
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