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What can cause my car slow to crank or start up slowly I bought

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What can cause my car slow to crank or start up slowly? I bought a new battery thinking it would solve the problem but it didn't. I don't know what the voltage should be when I crank my car but I get a reading off the dash board and it reads 12.8 sometimes and sometimes it reads 13.9 or anywhere between the two.

Good evening.

Is the problem that the engine turns over slowly?


Please let me know...Thanks, Josh

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
yes sometimes and sometimes it starts right up but I guess it depends on how long its been sitting.


The most common cause of a slow cranking engine (besides the battery) is a starter that is drawing to much current.

Battery cables that are in poor condition can also cause this condition but I highly doubt that you have that type of problem.


It is very common for the starter amperage draw to change depending on tempature. Often the hotter the starter is, the slower it cranks.


What you can do is have a starter draw test performed. This will tell you if the draw is excessive.

I'd recommend having the starter tested when the slow crank situation occurs the most. If it happens more hot, have it tested hot. If it happens more cold, drop your car off at your shop the night before so that it can be tested cold.


The test is simple. It only takes about 10-15 minutes..


Please ask me any questions that you may have....Thanks, Josh

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