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2000 sts: ..battery at 12.5 volts all lights come on.

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hi I have a 2000 sts will not start..battery at 12.5 volts all lights come on..but u know when u turn on the ignition the speed and tack arrows go from one end to the other, they just lay there when u turn on the not go up and down..thats when the car starts ya.. anyway I see the starter switch should I change that first..then there ignition relays...How do I know if they are blown...thanks matt

Hello,I will be glad to try and assist you with this,Welcome to Just Answer.


Most likely your battery is o.k. since the gauges wont do their sweep test anymore then this is indicating that some components are not getting powered up with the ignition switch.


What you may have failing here is the electronic ignition switch,if some of the contacts in the switch have failed then it can cause htis failure.


You can try to jump start the vehicle just to make sure but chances are your battery is probably o.k. and you may have a failed electronic ignition switch.This can be fairly common.


Make sure all of your connections are clean and tight at the battery and also to where the battery cables run from the battery to the alternator and engine block and any under hood fuse boxes as well.If all of this is o.k. then I would suspect a possible ignition switch failure.

Let me know if you need anything else,click accept if you feel satisfied with your answer as this is how I get credited for my time,Thanks Pete!


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
thanks where is it located and it is easy to change...
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

could it be the starter fuse?


The electronic ignition switch is located right behind the key cylinder,it is attached to the key cylinder.You can try checking to make sure your crank fuse is ok and not blown and also try tapping on the ignition and crank relays to see if the vehicle starts,if it does then the relay that you tapped on to get it to start most likely will need replaced.


Here are the instructions on how to remove and replace the switch,I apologize as I dont have any pictures available for this repair.


Let me know if you need anything else,click accept if you feel satisfied with your answer as this is how I get credited for my time,Thanks Pete!




1. Apply the parking brake.

2. Disconnect the negative battery cable. This will maintain the key code.

3. Disable the SIR system.(disconnect battery or remove air bag fuse)

4. Remove the radio or the navigation display module.

5. Remove the A/C heater control head.

6. Remove the steering column.

7. Disconnect the electrical connectors from the ignition switch.

8. Disconnect the park lock cable from the ignition switch.

9. Remove 1 fastener from the access hole in the IP at the steering column opening.

10. Remove 2 fasteners from the radio opening hole. One hole is at the top of the opening, and the other hole is near the opening edge. The heads

of the fasteners face forward. These are blind fasteners which cannot be seen when they are installed.

11. Rotate the switch in the IP.

12. Remove the ignition switch through the radio opening.

13. Remove the fasteners that secure the ignition switch bracket to the switch.

14. Remove the ignition switch bracket from the ignition switch.


1. Install the ignition switch housing bracket to the switch.

2. Install the fasteners.

3. Install the ignition switch into the radio opening.

4. Install the fasteners from the ignition switch to the IP retainer.

5. Install 1 fastener to the access hole in the IP at the steering column opening.

6. Install the ignition switch cylinder to the ignition switch housing.

7. Install the park lock cable.

8. Connect the electrical connectors.

9. Install the steering column.

10. Install the AC/heater control head.

11. Install the radio or the navigation display module.

12. Enable the SIR system.

13. Connect the negative battery cable.

14. Release the parking brake.

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