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2000 Escalade problem - headlights will not come on at all

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2000 Escalade problem - headlights will not come on at all - what broke?_

Hello,I will be glad to try and assist you with this,Welcome to Just Answer.


Check the big 50 amp lighting fuse in your under hood fuse block and make sure it isn't blown.I believe its either fuse 6 or fuse 8.


This should be the only fuse that powers these lamps.The fuse power runs through the headlamp switch and the dimmer switch then to the headlamps.


Chances are this fuse could be blown.


Let me know if you need anything else,Thanks Pete!

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Pete -

Went out and checked the big 50A fuse in the box under the hood: the fuse is not blown. It looked OK, and I checked with the multimeter that it there is continuity through the fuse.

Next idea is.....? Thank you for your help with this!


Can you disconnect the wiring connector at one of your headlamps and test for power on the tan wire terminal B at the headlamp assembly.Test for voltage here with the headlamp switch on and the multimeter hooked to a good ground point.You can test this at either headlamp.


Then test for ground at terminal A at the headlamp connector with your multimeter hooked up to battery voltage at the battery.You should have ground here even with the key off.You can also test this on either headlamp.


Let me know and we can go from there,Thanks Pete!

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Pete -

The check of voltage on the headlamp tan terminal showed no voltage. So the voltage is getting lost somewhere between the 50A fuse and the headlight.

So i went back to check all the fuses and found the 20A fuse that powers some of the lights popped. What is popping fuses?

Pete - do you know anywhere online I can view a wiring schematic for this SUV?? I think the answer to the dead headlights must be related to the fuse popping. It would sure help to see what the circuitry is. Can you steer me to a schematic or manual that I can see or pay to see or buy?

I dont have a schematic I can list here due to copyright issues but I can try and walk you through this if you want.Or you can try AlldataDIY online to see what they would charge for the schematic.


What was the fuse labeled that was blown.


Let me know,Thanks Pete!

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Pete -

OK, thanks for the lead to AlldataDIY - I will pursue that later to get a schematic.

Back to the issue. Problem is solved! While waiting for your reply last time, I was looking around near the fuse box for any ideas for what is popping fuses.

I'll be darned - under the harness of wiresI found a single blue wire that was pigtailed into the tan line that you told be about (powers the headlamp). That wire had a bare other end that was dangling into space - naked copper!!! Jeez. That was what popped fuses. I taped that off, replaced that 20A fuse, and...


I guess the previous owner or a shop was trying to power some accessory with that blue wire. I can't determine what it was connected to; will try more later.

So, no need to tie you up longer. You telling me to test the tan line was the key thing that lead to finding that pigtailed "monkey" wire that was the problem.

I will pay you in full, and thank you again! This - just answer - is a great service.


Thats great to hear,im glad you found the problem.


Thank you for using Just Answer.


Have a great weekend and dont forget about us in the future!


Thanks Pete!