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2003 escalade: I program the home remote system

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How do I program the home remote system on my 2003 escalade? I just bought it.
Hello, below are the directions. If they do not work, you could have a conflict and then you have to make a phone call to # XXXXX for help

Turn the ignition OFF while programming the GDO transmitter. Follow these steps to program up to 3 channels:
  1. If you have previously programmed a transmitter, proceed to Step 2. Otherwise, hold down the 2 outside buttons on the GDO transmitter for approximately 20 seconds , until the light on the GDO transmitter begins to flash rapidly. Then release the buttons. This procedure erases any previous settings and initializes the memory for all 3 channels.
  2. Decide which of the 3 channels you want to program to the transmitter you have.
  3. Hold the end of the hand-held transmitter against the front surface of the GDO (less than 1 inch) so you can still see the light.
  4. Using both hands, press the hand-held transmitter button and the desired button on the GDO transmitter. Continue to hold both buttons through Step 5.
  5. Hold down the buttons on both transmitters until you see the light on the GDO transmitter flash slowly and then rapidly. The rapid flashing, which could take up to 90 seconds , indicates that the GDO transmitter has been programmed. Release the buttons on both transmitters when the light starts to flash rapidly. IMPORTANT: The GDO is compatible with most, but not all, types and brands of transmitters. If the GDO light does not flash rapidly after 90 seconds, there may be a compatibility conflict with the transmitter used to program the GDO. Call HomeLink(TM) at 1-800-355-3515 in order to address this problem.
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