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I have a 1994 Cadillac Sedan Deville; The Rear Disk Brakes

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I have a 1994 Cadillac Sedan Deville; The Rear Disk Brakes are bad. How do I remove the calipers from the disk. The bolts are out; it seems that the spring brake assembly is clamping the caliper on. Please advise. Thanks - Todd

Hello and welcome to Just, Super mechanic here. About your vehicle.

They won't want to move with the parking brake cable and bracket still attached. You can take the bracket itself off and leave the cable on. Also, you can replace the pads by just pivoting the caliper on the top stud. Here are all the instructions for the rear pads.

Rear Disc Brakes



  1. Remove 2/3 of brake fluid from master cylinder assembly.
  2. Raise vehicle and suitable support. Mark relationship of wheel to axle flange.
  3. Wheel and tire. Reinstall two wheel nuts to retain rotor.
  4. Bolt and washer attaching cable support bracket to caliper body assembly. Note: It is not necessary to disconnect parking brake cable from caliper parking brake lever or disconnect brake hose unless caliper is to be completely removed from vehicle (refer to CALIPER section). Freeing cable support bracket allows enough flexibility in cable to pivot caliper up and remove pad and linings.
  5. Remove sleeve bolt
  6. Pivot caliper body assembly up. Do Not completely remove caliper assembly body.


  1. Outboard and inboard pad and linings from caliper support.
  2. Two pad clips from caliper support.


Bottom piston assembly into caliper bore. Use a suitable spanner type tool in piston slots to turn piston assembly and thread it into the caliper body assembly.


Important: After bottoming piston, lift inner edge of boot next to piston assembly and press out any trapped air. Boot must lay flat. Make sure slots in end of piston are positioned as shown in figure before pivoting caliper body assembly down over pad and linings in caliper support. Use suitable spanner type tool in piston slots to turn piston as necessary. Whenever installing new pad and linings, use new pad clips. These are provided in the disc pad kit.

  1. Install two pad clips in caliper support.
  2. Install outboard and inboard pad and linings in caliper support. Wear sensor is on outboard pad and lining. Sensor is positioned downward at the leading edge of the rotor during forward wheel rotation. Hold metal pad edge against spring end of clips in caliper support. Push pad in toward hub, bending spring ends slightly, and engage pad notches with support abutments.
  3. Pivot caliper body assembly down over pad and lining assemblies. Take care not to damage piston boot on inboard pad. Compress sleeve boot by hand as caliper body moves into position to prevent boot damage. Important : After caliper body assembly is in position, recheck installation of pad clips. If necessary, use a small screwdriver to reseat or center the pad clips on the support abutments.
  4. Install sleeve bolt. Torque to 27 Nm (20 lb.ft.).
  5. Install cable support bracket (with cable attached) with bolt and washer. Torque to 43 Nm (32 lb.ft.) . Remove wheel nuts securing rotor to hub.
  6. Install wheels, aligning previous marks. Torque wheel nuts to 140 Nm (100 lb.ft.) . Lower vehicle.
  7. Apply approximately 778 N (175 lb) force to brake pedal (after bleeding, if necessary) three times to seat pad and linings against rotor.

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