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Getting error code P0496 based on engine light turning on.

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Getting error code P0496 based on engine light turning on. I believe it is the vapor canister vent solenoid, or the vapor canister purge solenoid. More than likely the purge solenoid because I am having trouble starting the vehicle. This car only has 60,000 miles on it, it is a 2007 Cadillac SRX. I fear taking it to the dealership because I don't want to be raped on the price. What could I expect to pay for these repairs? Do you find this a viable synopsis of what the problem is? (def not gas cap), and could I do the repairs myself?

This code sets when the computer senses continuous purge of the evap system. That, along with the fact that you have a hard start adds up to the purge solenoid. This repair would run you about $100. The part # XXXXX XXXXX and lists for $35. You can easily do this repair yourself.


The arrow in the below illustrations points toward the front of the vehicle.



Disconnect the purge line (3) from the purge valve solenoid.




Disconnect the purge valve solenoid electrical connector




  • Disconnect the purge line from the manifold side of the purge valve solenoid.
  • Remove the purge valve solenoid from the bracket.

    Reverse above procedure to install new part.

    Customer: replied 7 years ago.
    You are the FN man!! Thanks for your help, I hope that this works, because I depend on my care for driving. Does it really matter if I get a GM part, or can I go to a local Advance, Autozone etc to find a part that will work as well?
    If your local parts store has the part, it will be okay to use their part. The part # XXXXX supplied is the original GM part.
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