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1999 Seville SLS: AC..Climate but no airflow

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AC Air Mix Door Actuator Access - 1999 Seville SLS w/Climate Control. Do I have to remove dash/console or are these accessible from either driver/pass side? I need to check/replace these as I get plenty of cool but no airflow.

Hello, since it cools i assume both sides cool but little airflow from both sides. below are the actuators. All are different locations


I will give info on replce one we know which one


Actuator Description

The HVAC system uses four actuators to adjust temperature and air distribution.

The actuators are:

  • The driver air mix actuator.
  • The passenger mix actuator.
  • The mode actuator.
  • The air inlet actuator.

The actuators are specifically designed for the right and left side of the heater and the A/C module. When servicing the actuator, ensure that you replace the actuator with the correct service part for the position being serviced.

The reversible DC motor in the actuator operates the valve within the HVAC module.

The actuators contain a feedback potentiometer that informs the IPM of the valve position.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.

It's pretty strange. I get lots of fan noise. Minimal airflow out of right and left. But for sure weaker on driver side. If I turn on AC, pass side is cold and blows OK. But driver is weak/warm. Then if I turn on rear AC blower (rear console) front (both sides) totally comes to a stop and rear bloes OK. took it to a shop and they changed cabin filters and did something else but still basically the same--maybe a little more airflow and that's all--still warm on driver side.
Have you had a blower motor changed recently?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It is blowing nice and strong--I hear lots of airflow but minimal going out vents. Def works good.
That was not where I was going with the question sorry. I was needing to know if blower was recently replaced as if the clip came loose on fan swirl cage, that would cause this. I have to start at the basic items first. Soory for the wording
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
blower is original. not been changed.

Here are direction for drivers actuator. You can always pull it, leave plugged in and check movement and be sure to see if gear is stripped on end. Also, while out, be sure you work the door to be sure no binding etc..


Air Mix Actuator Replacement - Driver (LHD)


  1. Remove the left side sound insulator.
  2. Remove the driver air mix actuator retaining screws (1).
  3. Remove the electrical connector from the driver air mix actuator.

  1. Remove the driver air mix actuator.


  1. Install the driver air mix actuator. NOTE: Refer to Fastener Notice in Service Precautions.

  1. Install the driver air mix retaining screws (1). Tighten Tighten the fasteners to 1.2 N.m (12 lb in) .
  2. Install the electrical connector to the driver air mix actuator.
  3. Install the left side sound insulator.


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for your help. The drawings/images do not work in your answer but I'll figure it out.