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1995 Fleetwood Brougham: Pass Key Fault light is coming

Resolved Question:

I have a 1995 Fleetwood Brougham. The Pass Key Fault light is coming on quit regularly. Sometimes it does not want to start. Today the Pass Key Fault light stayed on after the car was shut off, the key removed from the switch and the drivers door opened. The car would not start. After several trys to start it, the warning light went off and it started.

Could this be the ECM (computer)?

Could it be the ignition switch is badly worn?

As the starter solenoid seemed to click most of the time and the starter not engage. I changed the solenoid; that did not help.

I have surmised the problem to be a flat spot on the starter or the computer.

Also the Traction Control light generally stays on after several months of being intermittant.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Cadillac
Expert:  Randall C replied 8 years ago.

Hello, by your descripyion, you have a 2 fold problem. The PASS key is a very small electric eye built into the key tumbler with 2 very small white wires going to computer, The electric eye per say, reads the chip built into the key. I tell customersto try a second key if they have one and if problem continues, the eye is bad or one of the small white wires are ready to break from flexing inside the column. This is common condition. Unsure of your mecahnical comfort zone, but changing the lock cyl and eye is a difficult job and requires a special tool.


As far as the click at solenoid, you went the wrong direction. The click means solenoid is working but when the solenois send the 12 v to the starter brushes, the brushes are bad and starter will not turn. You need the starter itself or replace the starter/solenoid as a unit.


traction control problems are usually a bad wheel speed sensor. Not always, This system must be checked with a scanner hooked up by a shop.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you for the response. It looks like a trip to a shop may be instore as I do not have the special tool for changing the lock cylinder and eye. We have 3 keys and the problem occurs with each so the eye is dirty or intermittantly operating. The oddity is the car starts and sometimes the pass fault light stays on, sometimes not.


I can replaed the starter and soleoid unit. Seems scanners for older vehicles are becoming more scarce, but will find a shop that has one.


Randall, thanks for pointing me in the direction to resolution.

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