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96 deville: transmision is slipping the code is po741 tcc converter

Customer Question

i have a 96 deville the transmision is slipping the code is po741 tcc converter what is it and what do i do to fix it please help ct
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Cadillac
Expert:  john -aka eauto replied 8 years ago.

here is the code description and trouble shooting chartgraphic


The PCM controls the Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid Valve (TCC Sol. Valve) pulse width modulation (PWM) . The solenoid controls the hydraulic fluid for TCC apply and release. When the TCC is applied, the engine is coupled directly to the transmission through the TCC. The TCC slip speed should be near 0.

When the PCM detects high torque converter slip when the TCC is commanded ON, then DTC P0741 sets. DTC P0741 is a Type A DTC.


  • No Mass Air Flow (MAF) DTCs P0101, P0102, or P0103 are set.
  • No Throttle Position (TP) DTCs P0121, P0122, or P0123 are set.
  • No Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) DTCs P0502, or P0503 are set.
  • No A/T Input Speed Sensor (ISS) DTCs P0716, or P0717 are set.
  • No TCC Stuck ON DTC P0742 is set.
  • No Transmission Fluid Pressure (TFP) Val. Position Sw. DTC P1810 is set.
  • No TCC PWM Sol. Valve DTC P1860 is set.
  • The engine has been running for more than 5 seconds.
  • The TFP Val. Position Sw. is not indicating Park or Neutral.
  • The TCC Sol. Valve is commanded ON at maximum duty cycle.
  • The throttle angle is greater than 8°.
  • Not in fuel shut off.
  • The transmission gear ratio indicates 2nd, 3rd, or 4th gear.
  • The transmission fluid temperature is 20-120°C (68-248°F).
  • Delivered torque is between 43-202 Nm (32-150 lb ft).
  • The TCC slip must not exceed torque limits.


  • The PCM illuminates the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL).
  • SERVICE ENGINE SOON, SERVICE TRANSMISSION displays on the Driver Information Center (DIC) .
  • The PCM inhibits Torque Converter Clutch.
  • The PCM inhibits 4th gear if the transmission is in hot mode.


  • The PCM turns OFF the MIL after three consecutive ignition cycles without a failure reported.
  • A scan tool can clear the DTC from the PCM history. The PCM clears the DTC from the PCM history if the vehicle completes 40 warm-up cycles without a failure reported.
  • The PCM cancels the DTC default actions when the fault no longer exists and the ignition is OFF long enough in order to power down the PCM.


  • Inspect the transmission fluid level.
  • The transmission may be in hot mode. Inspect the transmission fluid lines to the radiator. The lines may be pinched, plugged or twisted.


The numbers below refer to the step numbers on the diagnostic chart.

  1. This Step ensures that you perform the Powertrain On-Board Diagnostic System check.
  2. This Step inspects the transmission fluid to ensure that it is at the proper level.
  1. This Step verifies that the TCC engages when commanded ON by the scan tool.
  2. This Step inspects, and repairs if necessary, several components for no TCC engagement.