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1998 cadillac catera: my oil gage from time..drops..check engine lamp

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i have a 1998 cadillac catera, my oil gage from time to time while driving drops into the red danger area. the check engine lamp does not come on. what is the problem?
Hello and welcome to Just, Super mechanic here. About your vehicle.

That is most likely the oil pressure sending unit. They are at the bottom of the engine, (under the alternator) but it is good to check the wires at it as well.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
it was suggested that if have the oil pump replaced. is there a relationship to what you suggested? can the work be done by other that the cadillac people?
You would want to see if the pressure is really going too low to make the gauge go down. That could be the pump, or the sump screen clogged up. Normally the pressure will go down when your idling though and come up as the engine is at a higher RPM.

The only way to tell is to have the oil pressure tested when the gauge is going low to see if it is an actual pressure problem or electronic, as with a bad sender.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.


your answers are very good. you clued me in to three possibilities. one more question.


can the work be done by other than the cadillac people, like pep boys?


thank you vm

Oh yes, sorry about that. Normally any good qualified technician would be able to do that job. Whether it be the sump screen, oil pump or the sending unit. Please don't forget to hit the accept button though, that is the only way we get paid, thanks
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